Follr Community Feature #2: Social Feed

Follr Behind the ScenesFor our second installment of #BehindTheScenes (for part one see Follr Community Feature #1: Advanced Messaging), we’re taking a look at Follr’s “Social Feed”.

Follr’s Social Feed allows you to combine all of your social network, blog and community content – up to 40 social media platforms! – into one, easy-to-digest social feed. Easily browse your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest news feeds, right alongside each other, or toggle amongst them with one click! And better yet, seamlessly syndicate any piece of content to ALL of them with one click! Not only does information come in via Follr Social Feed, but it can blasted out as well. If that’s not a good reason to create your Follr Profile today, we don’t know what is!

Follr Social Feed

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