Digital Storytelling – Changing People, Perceptions and Lives

In today’s society we have the tools to be connected anywhere at any time. The scene is repeated almost every day. People will stand in line with their cell phones to make a call to someone just a few feet away. We may believe we are connected with technology but in many ways we are becoming more disconnected socially. This prevents us from finding and telling those deep personal stories, or as Jim Jorstad, says “We don’t dive deep to find the emotional stories right in front of us.”

Jorstad, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, researches how people can use social media and digital storytelling to connect with people, teams and the world. He has been quoted as “documenting history in real time.” Through his work, he has found ways to help us break through our societal disconnection by crafting inspirational and emotional digital stories and sharing them worldwide.

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