The Power of Social Media

We previously highlighted “Privacy – Does it Really Matter?” and “Social Media and Data as a Disruptor” from the Deloitte series “ON Social Insights.”

In this third and final video Deloitte’s Eric Openshaw (Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology, Media & Telecommunications Leader) talks to Margarita Kiwi of Stanford University. She talks about:

“I think that one of the interesting things that social media provides is discovery of employees who have passion in the enterprise. [] If you, as a manager, are looking for people who really love what they do, who are intrinsically motivated because they are curating, they are having conversations and things like that, then you can more efficiently allocate resources to them, so they can get better at what they do.”

It doesn’t matter if you eare talking about employees or fans; Follr provides a mechanism for organizations to not only identify those resources with passion but also helps those who are “shy”, are not able or are not willing to participate in social media marketing.

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