NFL Hall Of Famers: Down The Coaching Drain

With an eye to the concept of ‘brain drain’, the chart below looks at how many active Hall of Fame coaches there have been in the NFL from 1985 to 2015. The number has reduced over the years from six in 1985 to just one (future) Hall of Famer in 2015 – Bill Belichick. The infographic also shows the ‘best of the rest’ for each year as assessed by Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated.

The full feature on this graphic can be read on Sports Illustrated.

This chart shows the number of Hall of Fame coaches there were active in the NFL from 1985 to 2015.

Infographic: Hall Of Famers: Down The Coaching Drain | Statista
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Who’s Top of the ‘Facebook’ Premier League?

Manchester United may currently be languishing in sixth place in the real Premier League but when it comes to Facebook, they’re way out in front. Statista has collated the number of ‘likes’ each club has into an alternative league table, finally giving United fans a little something to cheer about.

This chart shows Premier League teams ranked by Facebook page likes in December 2016.

Infographic: Who's top of the Facebook league? | Statista
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Alcohol & Sport: A Match Made In Heaven?

A new survey from the Harris Poll suggests that alcohol and sport are indelibly intertwined. People who watch sport live in the stadium or at home on television are highly likely to enjoy the action with some form of alcoholic beverage. Interestingly, some sports involve higher levels of consumption than others with American football at the very top.

84 percent of U.S. adults reported that they drink alcohol while watching American football on TV with 83 percent hitting the bar during a live event. People are less likely to indulge themselves at a tennis game, though alcohol consumption rates are still high with 67 percent of people drinking during a live event.

This chart shows the percentage of Americans consuming alcohol while watching the following sports on television or live.

Infographic: Alcohol & Sport: A Match Made In Heaven? | Statista
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Premier League Shirt Sponsors Dominated By Betting Companies

Source: Statista

If you’ve watched a Premier League game on TV in the UK over the last few years you will have undoubtedly been met with such phrases as ‘bet in play now’, ‘latest live odds’ or ‘£50 free bet’ during the half-time break. Gambling has of course always gone hand in hand with sport but the rise and development of modern betting culture in football has been particularly interesting to observe.

Even when the game is running, viewers are exposed to the advertising efforts of gambling firms looking to gain an edge in this fiercely competitive market. In recent years, one avenue exploited more and more has been shirt sponsorship. Behind only perhaps the renaming of a stadium, the centre of a teams jersey is prime advertising real estate. As the infographic below shows, in the current 2016/17 season, exactly half of the teams in the Premier League have a main shirt sponsor from the gambling industry – back in 2013/14, this stood at 15 percent, and in the previous year 25.

This chart shows the share of Premier League teams with a shirt sponsor from the gambling industry:

Infographic: Premier League Shirt Sponsors Dominated By Betting Companies | Statista
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Is Week One Form For Rookie Quarterbacks Reliable?

Source: Statista

This season, two rookie quarterbacks made their debut in week one – Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles) and Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys). Wentz made a great start, being widely praised for his 101 rated game which included two touchdowns and a near 60 percent pass rate. The question many will be asking though, especially those with a fantasy team, is if this form can be carried into week two.

Statista has taken a look back over the last five NFL seasons to see to what extent week one form is a reliable marker for the next game for rookie quarterbacks. The results are mixed. Brandon Weeden, for example, had a nightmare debut for the Browns in 2012 with a catastrophic 5.1 rating. While things could hardly get worse in week two, he managed to bounce back in a big way to take home a 114.9 in his next game.

Over this time period, the most consistent start to a debut season belongs to Andy Dalton who back in 2011 followed his week one 102.4 with an equally solid 107. Overall though, it would appear to be a bit of a gamble to rely on any week one form being carried over into the next.

This chart looks back at all rookie quarterbacks since 2011 and compares their week one and two performances.

Infographic: Is Week One Form For Rookie Quarterbacks Reliable? | Statista
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Rio 2016 Vs. The World: Percentage Margin Of Victory

Source: Statista

A photo finish. Down to the last hit of the game. Waiting anxiously as Hawkeye reveals if the ball was in or out. Sport is full of these make or break moments, fine lines between failure and glory. Sometimes though, the adrenaline gets pumping due to the sheer domination of a team or athlete. The infographic below, based on research by Sports Illustrated, looks at these winning margins – both in Rio and other selected records or achievements.

When the American cyclist Kristin Armstrong beat Russian Olga Zabelinskaya to gold in the women’s time trial, there was a mere 0.21 percent difference in their times. After over 44 hard fought minutes, less than 6 seconds separated them. Usain Bolt’s march to the ‘triple triple’ was also a tight affair with Justin Gatlin just 0.09 seconds behind Bolt after a stunning comeback from the Jamaican in the 100m final – a margin of 0.82 percent.

At the other end of the scale, in Rio, Poland’s Anita Wlodarczyk hammer threw her way to a new world record, leaving the competition without a hope – 5.5m ahead of the nearest challenger with a margin of 6.73 percent. The biggest margin selected for this infographic comes from outside the world of sport. Psy’s Gangnam Style enjoys a cushion of almost 26 percent as Youtube’s most viewed video.

This chart shows the percentage margin of victory from selected Olympic events and other global records/achievements:

Infographic: Rio 2016 Vs. The World: Percentage Margin Of Victory | Statista
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The Boys Are Back in Town

Source: Statista

Manchester United finally secured the signature of now world transfer record man Paul Pogba. United will pay Italian club Juventus Turin a grand total of 93.2 million British pounds for the French player’s services over the next five years – with the option of a one-year extension.

While the huge transfer fee will dominate the headlines, it is also interesting to note that Manchester United had Pogba on their books only four years ago. Back then, he couldn’t quite curry enough favour from Manager Sir Alex Ferguson and left under strained circumstances as a free agent – United eventually receiving 800,000 pounds after a tribunal. That makes for a loss of 92.4 million pounds.

Pogba isn’t the only player to return to his old stomping ground. Other high profile examples include Mats Hummels’ arrival back in Munich – also resulting in a loss of 28.7 million pounds after a seven year hiatus in Dortmund. Looking the other way, world cup winning goal scorer Mario Götze signed on a 22.1 million pound trip back to his first club this summer – the BVB this time appearing to have done better business, chalking up a 9.35 million pound profit.

This chart shows the transfer fees paid/received for selected players returning to their first senior level club.

Infographic: The boys are back in town | Statista
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The Best-Paid Coaches At Euro 2016

Source: Statista

England’s football team crashed out of Euro 2016 after a shock 2-1 loss to Iceland in the last 16 of the competition. England has a population of about 53 million and Iceland has a mere 330,000 inhabitants by comparison. Criticism of England’s players and managerial team immediately after the defeat was scathing.

The salary gap between Roy Hodgson, England’s coach and Lars Lagerbäck, Iceland’s joint-manager, is massive. Hodgson, who resigned in the wake of his country’s defeat, was paid about £4 million every year. Lars Lagerbäck who is managing Iceland gets paid about £360,000 annually by comparison.

This chart shows the annual salary of national football coaches at Euro 2016.

Infographic: The Best-Paid Coaches At Euro 2016 | Statista
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