The 6 Most Depressing Clubs To Support

Football can be upsetting, but on a more serious note, despite what Bill Shankly once said, it isn’t a matter of life and death. Depression can be. We need to encourage and support each other to open up and talk about how we’re feeling. Love football by all means, but love life more.

Follr Support Series – How To Find a Job in Sports

Follr has integrated the indeed job data which gives you access to countless jobs in all industries including sports.

To find a sports job please follow these steps – if you have additional questions give us a call on:

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or email:

Step 1:

After you log into your Follr account you will see the Activity Screen:

Follr Support - Community Discovery 1

Step 2:

Click on “Careers” in the top menu:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 3:

You will then see the “Jobs & Careers” page:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 4:

Enter in your search criteria:

Sports Fan Communities

then click the “Search” button to see all matching jobs:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 5:

Click the job title to see full details:

Sports Fan Communities

Sports Fan Communities

Women’s Baseball History (Infographic)

Source: Team Sports

Is baseball your thing? You will be amazed to know that baseball for women was actually conceptualized and made to real since the World War II. Indeed, success is about overcoming adversity. It has started with reluctance but continued to become one of the most loved games both by men and women. Want to know more about the baseball played by women? Check this infographic!

Baseball Infographic

The Growing Impact of Social Media On Sports (Infographic)

Source: Betting Sites

The drastic change in the social media landscape over the last ten years has had a major impact on all aspects of our lives and sports industry is in no way an exception.

Today, sports events and social media go hand in hand. We’re witnessing an era where every team, league, or sports association has at least one social media profile where they announce all important information. Moreover, it became impossible to scroll down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account during a major sports event and not have your news feed overwhelmed with information, real-time gifs, vines, or memes about it. Also, almost every sports event or show has a related hashtag which creates a relationship with the audience and brings a fast response. Athletes use social media to establish their name, communicate with their fans, announce their activities, and even promote brands and make money, as they have millions of followers.

The infographic below, created by the Betting Sites team, will help you understand the growing impact of social media on sports and learn many interesting facts that you probably didn’t know.

Sports Infographic

The Steady Rise of Podcasting

Source: Statista

Over the past decade, podcasts have seen a steady rise in popularity. According to Edison Research, 6 in 10 Americans are now familiar with the term “podcasting” and 4 in 10 have listened to a podcast themselves.

The podcast’s rise in popularity clearly coincides with a general increase in digital media consumption, specifically on mobile devices, but it was also helped by the fact that the selection of quality podcasts is virtually limitless these days.

Covering anything from politics and sports to pop culture and investigative journalism, both major media organizations and independent producers are embracing podcasts as a way to reach an engaged audience with long-form content.

Sports Infographic