“Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile, and Social Media Security” Book Released Featuring Stephen Fells

Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez

Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile, and Social Media Security“, authored by Deborah Gonzalez, is a definitive resource that provides an overview of the risk mitigation strategies, solutions and best practices to address liability and security concerns arising from corporate online and digital activity.

The book, based on content aggregation, seeks out and integrates the most recent and best information available. Chapter 3, “Reputation and Identity” includes an interview with Follr CEO Stephen Fells.

The book presents readers with tools and resources to better understand the security and reputational risks of online and digital activity, as well as information on how to mitigate those risks and minimize potential loss. The tools and resources include case studies; industry and expert profiles; lessons learned; overview of relevant laws, regulations, and professional guidelines by industry; sample policies, disclaimers and online community guidelines; and more.

In addition the book has a companion Website (www.mangingonlinerisk.com) that offers the latest updates and resources.


The book contains ten chapters focusing on security and risk management concern in the digital and online environment. The chapters are:

Chapter 1: Risk Management Digital Style
Chapter 2: Internal and External Risks
Chapter 3: Reputation and Identity
Chapter 4: The New Workforce
Chapter 5: Big Data
Chapter 6: Approaches to Content
Chapter 7: Compliance
Chapter 8: Currency and Campaigns
Chapter 9: Digital Succession
Chapter 10: The Future of Online Security

To purchase the book visit Amazon.com.

Follr and RebelMouse Integration

One of the most popular Follr features is “Social Wall” which aggregates individual and corporate social media. To see it in action visit a Follr Website:


Did you know the feature also allows integration of RebelMouse content?


RebelMouse is a content platform for the social, mobile web. It is redefining publishing and content marketing by helping content travel farther, faster, and be shared more widely. Like Follr it enables marketers and media companies to create real-time digital experiences across multiple channels at once and mobilizes communities around topics, interests and causes that matter. Adding RebelMouse to Follr provides for a very powerful platform.

NY Jets Rebel Mouse Follr Integration

To add RebelMouse content simply log into your Follr account or register today!

Do You Know Which Social Network Works Best For You?

If someone wants information about you, where do they look first? Is it a social network, a Website, some other online location? Which social network provides the most information, the most complete picture of you?

Today, our information is all over the Web but by using Follr we can see that, in March, most people went to Twitter to research me followed by Facebook and then LinkedIn.

Follr Social Media Data

Along with this data Follr also provides me with reports on:

  • who specifically viewed my Follr account
  • how many times my Follr account was viewed
  • what specific page they looked at
  • what files they downloaded.

To see your stats simply log into your account and click the triangle icon next to your profile image in the top right of the screen:

Social Media Statistics

With so much time wasted on social media, social marketing and social networking (they are distinct and separate things) it’s vital that you focus on platforms, services and Websites that get you the most bang for your buck or RIO (return on investment) in business speak. The best place to start is Follr – start today by creating your profile at follr.com.

Social Media Aggregation – The Follr Social Wall Explained

One of the more irritating things about the social web is that everything is everywhere. You can get great information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube but you have to visit them individually to see all of your teams social media content. Unless, that is, your Website is a Follr Community.

Every Follr Community includes two versions of Social Wall, our content aggregation feature. On the home page you see the communitites own social media content:

Social Wall Home Page

It shows a real time feed of tweets, blog posts, videos and posts from all the major social networks giving you one place to see everything.

If you click the ‘Social Media’ link in the menu:

Social Wall Menu Link

you get to see an even more extensive aggregation of social media which additionally includes all content from the communities parent and associated content providers:

Social Wall Inner Page

Of course all of the content is responsive which means it will display on your mobile phone or tablet.

Create your Follr account today by clicking here!

What is the Value of Our Digital Identity?

Digital Identity“the opportunities digital identity presents, when managed carefully, are enormous.”

Last year Liberty Global, an “international cable company” who “connect people to the digital world [enabling] them to discover and experience its endless possibilities” released a study, ‘The Value of Our Digital Identity’, as part of its “Public Policy Series”. The study was conducted by The Boston Consulting Group, a “global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy”.

Liberty Global described the study as:

“provid[ing] a new perspective on consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of their Digital Identity and the resulting economic value across traditional industry sectors, web 2.0 players as well as the public sector.”

The study (accessible below) is the most detailed on Digital Identity ever released and it makes some fascinating observations not least about ‘conditions under which consumers are willing to share personal data’ and the impact of Digital Identity on economic growth. They describe “Digital Identity” as:

“the sum of all digitally available information about an individual”

They observe that “a quarter of the world‘s population will be members of online social networks by 2015” resulting “not only in increased information volume, but also completely new types of data.”

In terms of the evolution of human communication, we have long argued that we are at the very beginning of historical change. The combined advent of social, Web-based technology and smart mobile/cell phones has created global free speech but we are still in the infancy of fully comprehending what that truly means and the value of Digital Identity:

Source: The Boston Consulting Group

From an economic standpoint the report shines some positive light:

“digital data is already a growth driver in an otherwise flagging economy. While traditional industries shrank by up to 3.6% from 2008 through 2011 in Europe, data-intensive sectors – where the use of digital identity is a key component of business – thrived with annual growth rates between 15% (e-commerce) and up to 100% (Web 2.0 communities).”


“the value created through digital identity can be massive – at a 22% annual growth rate, applying personal data can deliver a €330 billion annual economic benefit for organisations in Europe by 2020.”

Even more substantial is their assertion that:

“Individuals will benefit to an even greater degree, as the consumer value will be more than twice as large: €670 billion by 2020. The combined total digital identity value could amount to roughly 8% of the EU-27 GDP.”

Follr Profile Websites solve the problem that “few individuals are in control of their digital identity” but the more exciting consideration is how we can help a bigger, global audience; “Digital identity is relevant not just to Web 2.0 companies, but to the economy as a whole.”

Another question is how does an individual, an organisation or a Government “embrace the new digital identity paradigm of responsibility, transparency and user control?”

To access the report in it’s entirety click here: The Value of Our Digital Identity.

Who’s Top of the ‘Facebook’ Premier League?

Manchester United may currently be languishing in sixth place in the real Premier League but when it comes to Facebook, they’re way out in front. Statista has collated the number of ‘likes’ each club has into an alternative league table, finally giving United fans a little something to cheer about.

This chart shows Premier League teams ranked by Facebook page likes in December 2016.

Infographic: Who's top of the Facebook league? | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

How Can You See Fan Activity From Your Community?

One of the most useful features of Follr Communities is daily, weekly or monthly emails that detail new members, content and activity.

These emails allow you to see:

  • Activity
  • Vouches
  • Connection Requests
  • Connections Accepted
  • Post Activity
  • Message
  • Profile
  • Follows
  • Rewards
  • News & Offers
  • Community Activity

To set up your notification preferences simply log into your account and then click your profile image top right. Click ‘My Account’:

Follr Notifications 1

then click ‘Notifications’ to see all of your choices and options:

Follr Notifications 2

Of course you can always opt out of the notifications if you don’t want to know what is going on 🙂

How To Share Content Across Multiple Social Networks With One Click

We’ve rolled out lots of new Follr features and here are details on one of the more popular. If you have news or anything you want to share with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Follr allows you to do that with one click!

Having logged into your account click “Manage”:

Follr - Manage Updates

and then select each account you want to connect:

Follr - Update Networks

Return to the homefeed page, type in your update and make sure the ‘All Networks’ box is checked:

Follr - Update

That’s it!

Check back for details on other new Follr features and if you would like to see something added please let us know.