MLS in Miami – David Beckham Effect 2.0

4 years after the initial announcement, David Beckham and MLS have confirmed a team for Miami. Will Beckham’s second phase of soccer in America mean huge success for a South Beach team?

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This Time Last Season…

In the Premier League this season, Man City are running away with it. With the only points dropped a draw against Everton and a loss to Liverpool. Looking back to last season though, things were quite different. City had already been beaten five times and were sitting in second spot, 8 points behind eventual champions Chelsea.

As the January transfer window comes to a close, Man City are still sitting pretty in the Premier League – performing significantly better than last year. When comparing to this time last season though, the biggest improvement table-wise has been made by Leicester. In eighth on 34 points, they are a whole 9 places better off than in 2016/17. Defending champions Chelsea’s underwhelming season is also underlined as they occupy the fourth spot, battling it out for a Champions League place.

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Football’s Top Earning Clubs

Source: Statista

Football has long been big business. With huge revenues to be found off the pitch, success on it isn’t necessarily essential for bringing in the big money. Despite winning two cups, by their standards Manchester United had a poor 2016/17 season – only managing to finish sixth in the league. Nevertheless, they are the club with the largest revenue haul for the second year running. As Deloitte’s latest ranking shows, their total of €676.3m (£581.2m) keeps them above La Liga and Champions League winners Real Madrid, if only by a whisker.

Another example of on-pitch fortunes not reflecting the bank balance would be Arsenal. Despite the Gunners finishing fifth in the league and crashing out of the Champions league in the round of 16, they are sitting pretty in sixth place on this list thanks to €487.6m (£419m) in revenue. Their failure to qualify for the Champions League in 2017/18 will have consequences in this year’s accounts though.

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Will the Sanchez Deal Prove Toxic for Man Utd?

Source: Statista

Professional footballers receive massive wage packets and those plying their trade at Manchester United are obviously no exception. Alexis Sanchez has just sealed a lucrative switch from Arsenal to the Red Devils and according to media reports, the Chilean superstar is going to be the club’s highest earner by a considerable distance. Those reports claim the Chilean will get a whopping £450,000 a week in exchange for his services.

Unsurprisingly, your Pogbas and your Lukakus have something to say about that. Reports earlier this week claimed that Paul Pogba in particular was livid with the fact that Sanchez is set to earn more than Lukaku and De Gea combined with sources claiming the French midfielder demanded a vast increase in his weekly salary. Even though it looks like the former Gunner will be laughing all the way to the bank, his transfer could conceivably create a toxic atmosphere in the United dressing room. It’s a funny old game, isn’t it?

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The 6 Most Depressing Clubs To Support

Football can be upsetting, but on a more serious note, despite what Bill Shankly once said, it isn’t a matter of life and death. Depression can be. We need to encourage and support each other to open up and talk about how we’re feeling. Love football by all means, but love life more.

A Brief History Of FA Cup Giant Killings

In a few hours the third round of the FA Cup begins. Since 1871 the FA Cup, known officially as ‘The Football Association Challenge Cup’, has been an annual knockout football (soccer) competition played in England. Not only does that make the competition the oldest association football competition in the world but it is arguably the best. And the third round is important because it’s when the big boys start playing.

But what specifically makes it the best? It’s because semi-professionals get a chance to play against the big money pro’s. So teams from little known towns, with rosters filled by plumbers and teachers, play sports gods who play on teams that are global brands. And those little towns, with their part time players win, not often, but it’s certainly far from unique.

Here is a brief history:

And then there’s this video from ESPN that gives you a sense of the beauty, the passion and the emotion that the FA Cup alone brings.