Will the Sanchez Deal Prove Toxic for Man Utd?

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Professional footballers receive massive wage packets and those plying their trade at Manchester United are obviously no exception. Alexis Sanchez has just sealed a lucrative switch from Arsenal to the Red Devils and according to media reports, the Chilean superstar is going to be the club’s highest earner by a considerable distance. Those reports claim the Chilean will get a whopping £450,000 a week in exchange for his services.

Unsurprisingly, your Pogbas and your Lukakus have something to say about that. Reports earlier this week claimed that Paul Pogba in particular was livid with the fact that Sanchez is set to earn more than Lukaku and De Gea combined with sources claiming the French midfielder demanded a vast increase in his weekly salary. Even though it looks like the former Gunner will be laughing all the way to the bank, his transfer could conceivably create a toxic atmosphere in the United dressing room. It’s a funny old game, isn’t it?

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Soccer’s Embarrassing Gender Wage Gap

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The U.S. national women’s soccer team has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Despite bringing in more money than the men’s team, however, the women’s national team is still paid nearly four times less. That prompted Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo to take legal action against the U.S. Soccer Federation over pay discrimination in April 2016. Together with her teammates, she filed that lawsuit in April of last year and it is still ongoing. It is going to be difficult for Solo to close the wage gap in a sport where gender inequality is absolutely rampant. Its sheer scale can be seen from a new report from Sporting Intelligence which found that male Brazilian forward Neymar earns more than the top seven women’s soccer leagues combined.

Neymar made a lucrative switch from Barcelona to PSG this year and he will earn $43.8 million for the 2017-18 season from his playing contract alone. That doesn’t include the millions more he is likely to earn from commercial deals and endorsements. The figure is roughly the same as the combined earnings of the 1,693 female players plying their trade in the top soccer leagues in France, Germany, England, the U.S., Sweden, Australia and Mexico. In the U.S. National Women’ s Soccer League, collective earnings only add up to $5.4 million every year by comparison.

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Major League Soccer’s Best-Paid Players

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The Portland Timbers won the MLS Cup at the end of the season but who were the biggest winners off the pitch? Kaka of Orlando City SC was the best-paid player in the MLS with a salary of $7.2 million. Two players from Toronto FC, Sebastian Giovinco and Michael Bradley came second and third with $7.1 and $6.5 million respectively. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, two stalwarths of the English game have also enjoyed a lucrative time in the states, earning about $6 million each.

This chart shows the annual salary of MLS players in 2016.

Infographic: Major League Soccer's Best-Paid Players | Statista
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