Follr Intergrates Apester! Now You Can Add Polls, Quizzes and Lots More To Your Website!

We are excited to anounce that we have added Apester functionality! With this you can now add quizzes, polls and a lot more to your Website 🙂

Apester Logo

Apester describes itself as:

“empowering content creators to publish conversational content, and to close the storytelling loop with the voice of the reader.”

Here’s an example:

Apester Example

The platform allows you to get invaluable information from visitors to your Website in a highlhy customizable and beautiful way. They add:

“Apester is revolutionizing digital storytelling for publishers around the world by enabling them to create engaging and interactive content elements to add to their editorial vision.

Apester puts even more power into the hands of publishers to reach and interact with their audiences in meaningful ways that move the needle in the metrics that matter.”

Why not tell us what you think:

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