10 Great Articles on Community Building

Here at Follr, we’re always trying to put the best possible community building materials into the hands of our community managers. For today’s post, we’re sharing ten wonderful articles from our favorite blogs and community experts who know their stuff when it comes to cultivating community. Check out all or just a few – you won’t be disappointed!


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3. 5 Tips for Building a Community Management Strategy, Social Media Examiner

4. The Different Types of Events, Ning Blog

5. 6 Tips for Starting an Online Community, Social Media Examiner

6. Fool-Proof Guidelines for Online Community Building, Business2Community

7. 8 Great Tools for Online Community Managers, Social Media Today

8. These are the Top 5 Things you should do First as an Online Community Builder, Business2Community

9. 5 Online Community Types: Which one does Yours Fit Into?, Social Media Today

10. 4 Easy Online Community Engagement Ideas, Business2Community

Successful Online Community Managers Share These Traits: Part 2

Effective Online Community Managers FollrSuccessful Follr Community managers share many qualities, but for blogging purposes we decided to share just nine of the most effective. For our second installment we follow up with four more of the traits that make our community administrators so great. See the first five in Part 1.

  1. They Have Solid Communication Skills

Community managers must know how to communicate concisely and effectively with their members. If communication fails, it’s the first of many dominos on the path to community derailment.

  1. They Have a Background in Analytics

Successful community managers know the importance of metrics and how to use them. If you can’t measure the success of your community, you can’t expect to achieve it.

  1. They’re Level-headed

The best administrators are calm, cool and collected through it all. Whether the day brings an amazing milestone or troublesome issues, a successful manager keeps a level head and doesn’t let emotion take over.

  1. They’re Flexible

This is a biggie. Some community managers can feel tempted to stick to a plan or vision with iron rigidity, but it’s important to be adaptive to users’ wants and needs. If you listen to your community and heed their advice, success is within reach!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for being a successful online community manager. Let us know in the comments below if you exude another quality that makes you a great manager!

Successful Online Community Managers Share These Traits: Part 1

Effective Online Community Managers FollrIf you manage a Follr Online Community, – or any online community for that matter! – you know it takes a lot of work to be a successful, effective community manager. For the next two days, the Follr Blog will be highlighting some of the most important qualities an online community manager should have on lock. The First 5 are as follows…

  1. They’re Passionate

The first quality an effective online community manager should have is passion for the brand or topic of interest their community is built upon. If a lack of passion exists, community administrators can get burnt out and lose focus of what’s really important.

  1. They’re Organized

Online community managers must be organized – both physically (think your desk, email inbox, to-do list, etc.) and mentally (good time management, ability to focus, etc.). Without solid organization skills, community management tasks can slip through the cracks and hurt growth.

  1. They’re Committed

An effective community manager is committed to his or her work. With dedication comes increased productivity and quality of content and interaction.

  1. They‘re Empathetic

Online community managers must be able to connect with community members. If a member’s question or concern falls on deaf ears, your community could come off as having a lack of humanity and poor response times. Successful community administrators are in tune with what members want.

  1. They Practice Good Judgement

Whether it be a troublesome member or a temporary system error, successful community managers know how to deal with potentially harmful issues. They use their best judgement in dealing with problems and setbacks and always keep their members’ needs in mind when doing so.