10 Great Articles on Community Building

Here at Follr, we’re always trying to put the best possible community building materials into the hands of our community managers. For today’s post, we’re sharing ten wonderful articles from our favorite blogs and community experts who know their stuff when it comes to cultivating community. Check out all or just a few – you won’t be disappointed!


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7. 8 Great Tools for Online Community Managers, Social Media Today

8. These are the Top 5 Things you should do First as an Online Community Builder, Business2Community

9. 5 Online Community Types: Which one does Yours Fit Into?, Social Media Today

10. 4 Easy Online Community Engagement Ideas, Business2Community

Don’t Make These Community Management Mistakes: Part 3

Online Community Mistakes FollrFor our third and final installment of “Don’t Make These Community Management Mistakes,” we take a look at three more potential online community blunders. Read on to make sure you’re not making them, and if you are, to find out how to navigate out of them! Also, if you missed them – here are parts 1 & 2.

1. You Don’t Know Who Your Audience Is

This is a biggie when building any online community – be it a proper community platform, or a blog. Knowing your target audience is huge! Along the lines of part 1 mistake “You Don’t Have a Concrete Niche,” not knowing who you want your target audience to be is a surefire way to instantly crumble any traction you may have gained. Think about your topic and figure out which types of people would be interested. Visit other communities and blogs with similar focuses and see who’s posting and engaging there. This will give you a better idea of who you should tailor your community to.

2. You Don’t Have a Clear Purpose

Just like your topic can’t be vague, neither can your purpose. Do you want to inspire people to elevate daily life through your home design community? Or are you trying to help people eat healthier through your clean eating recipe blog? Have a specific purpose and make sure each and every post is helping your readers/users/members to achieve that purpose. Also make sure to include your purpose, or a mission statement, in an “About Me” tab or sidebar.

3. You Don’t Give Enough Thought to Aesthetics

It seems like a no brainer to make sure your community page or blog format looks clean and organized, but I cannot tell you how many pages I’ve come across that were poorly designed, not properly executed or just plain difficult to navigate. Make sure your landing pages are PRISTINE and that each and every post has the exact same format, font, colors, background, etc. etc.