Which Sports League Sees the Most Action on Instagram?

Source: statista.com

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the major sports league with most action on Instagram. According to data provided by InfluencerDB, the number of hashtags #NBA peaked at around 27.9k in June when the Golden State Warriors won the 2017 NBA Championship, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals.

Even the National Football League (NFL) couldn’t beat this, accumulating 16.7k #NFL hashtags with the final games having been played in January 2017. The monthly count for September is slightly higher, standing at 17.5k. Maybe #NBA beats #NFL because the audience is sitting closer to the action during the games and smartphone photos yield better results that way.

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MLB’s Making a Dollar (or Two) on Luxury Tax

The MLB season 2017 has just begun. There are going to be 162 games played by 30 teams. At total of six major league organizations will pay a luxury tax for exceeding the $195 million salary level. With a new collective bargaining agreement set to go into effect, there have never been more teams subject to the tax. In the past years the MLB’s luxury tax revenue has gone up quite a bit already.

This chart shows Luxury Tax payments* by Major League Baseball teams (in million U.S. dollars) until 2016

Infographic: MLB's Making a Dollar (or Two) on Luxury Tax | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Cleveland Inherits World Series Drought Crown

In winning the World Series, the Chicago Cubs have shed a rather unwelcome record they had been holding. With their last championship win way back in 1908, the Cubs endured 108 years without World Series glory. This dubious accolade now gets passed onto the team they beat 4 to 3 in this year’s championship, the Cleveland Indians. With 68 seasons without win, they are now the not so proud owners of the longest World Series drought.

This graphic shows the MLB teams with the most seasons since their last World Series win.

Infographic: Cleveland Inherits World Series Drought Crown | Statista
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The Cleveland Indian’s Unique Use Of Andrew Miller

Source: Statista

This chart takes a look at the varied way in which the Cleveland Indians have used relief pitcher Andrew Miller since his move from the Yankees. Each block represents one game in which Miller pitched and shows when he came in and when he exited. This graphic featured on Sports Illustrated.

This chart shows the inning entered and exited by Andrew Miller for the Cleveland Indians in 2016 season.

Infographic: The Cleveland Indian's Unique Use Of Andrew Miller | Statista
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