Simple Kindness Trumps Most Anything Else

Today’s post was inspired by my old pal (and I don’t mean age, because I trump him by about a month) Chris Brogan. In Owner Magazine, of which Chris is the CEO and Publisher, he wrote a thoughtful and thought provoking post entitled “When it All Starts to Work” – his work usually gets me thinking, this time it really nailed a truth, and reminded me of how Chris had offered kindness, help and inspiration as a mentor to me back in 2010. Thanks Chris! Keep up the work of being awesome and king of the Freaks (and Geeks) with Julien, Rob and Jacq!

When it all comes down to it, no matter how connected we are, the connection doesn’t matter if we don’t make sure the people know they matter.

Staying connected to your community, and therefore keeping your business alive means making sure you take notice of the things that matter to people.

Despite the vast size of the Inter-webs, we have all gained the ability to become more aware, better connected and more empathetic to the needs of those that exist on the planet around us. The community that is humanity is the most amazing community of all.

Online communities are no different, each individual is an important part of the whole. A community of one isn’t a community at all, a community is an ecosystem, a beautiful result of the efforts of many coming together to create something of value, something that can help and inform.

The online community is the Village of old, in the days before automobiles, even before steam engines, when horse and wagon might have been the only method of travel.

Finding moments to stop, look, breathe and appreciate what we have and how easy life truly is, is also the time to consider and reflect on what you bring to the Community.

It is time to find more moments of kindness, of thoughtfulness, to ask others what they need, how you can help, and for those you ask to know that the intent is truly there, it is not a nicety. We all need to connect with others in some way, we are not creatures of isolation, and humans are social by nature.

We need more communities. The recent trend toward smaller communities online supports our overall desire for a simpler, more basic existence. The cry for connecting, reverberates within us and we long for the “simpler times”. It’s why we now are clearly seeing the trend toward micro-networks, and micro-communities.

Where will this lead us? What will happen to the gigantic networks, the silos, as they struggle to define their existence, slowly strangling the young communities only just beginning to gain their legs, ready to sprint forward and change the world.

The next few years should be wondrous. Watching the evolution that I believe is inevitable, the great giants brought to their knees as people seek to reconnect with their communities, to matter to one another, to be thoughtful of others, to offer kindness to everyone. To encourage, promote and lift each other up, for when one person rises, we all rise together.

What do you think is coming next?