Join Our Community: Which One?

I am SO confused. Yes, it is early morning so a certain level of pre-caffeinated confusion is expected, but this is perplexing.

Everywhere I turn on the web these days I am being invited to join a community. Not just one, but multiple, for the same site.

This morning as I began my usual lurk around my subscription sites and catch up reading, I got to one of my favorite places to find thoughtful content, Business 2 Community. I was rereading a brilliant article on LinkedIn endorsements by Denny McCorkle. As I scanned back to the top of the page, I saw it. Right there at primary focus of a page.

“Join Our Community”

Join Which Community? How about a Follr Communities 1.0 Solution

Which way do I go? I feel like I am trapped in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon.

I was paralyzed with indecision. They wanted me to join their Community but offered me seven options. They wanted me to join seven communities to participate and engage with them?

I began to panic, I really like B2C but that’s a lot of tracking and following and monitoring. I already subscribed isn’t that good enough… Then I had my personal epiphany, or else my morning coffee hit me. That is EXACTLY what Follr Communities are for. Connect them all through one. The answer to the question I had been pondering all weekend, explaining “Why Follr Communities?”

The world needs Follr Communities. That image says it all. One Community to connect them all. The Community for your Community.

Companies can stop chasing their Communities, and spend that time focusing on growing them, all while offering them a lovely home to call their own.
The Power of a Follr Communities powered solution for your Community Needs

It’s time to stop chasing your Community with your message, and offer your Community a peaceful place to engage with you and each other, one place to connect them all.

The answer really is, get Follr Communities for your Community.