Follr Releases Updated API

Leading fan engagement software platform leverages updated API to build on existing features further extending integration into external software platforms and technology

Wappingers Falls, NY (January 4th, 2017) Follr, Inc., a SaaS (Service as a software) company today announced the release of an updated API. The API is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and is a 100% native cloud application (NCA), multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration.

Follr Logo

Follr is a Software as a Service platform that empowers fans to communicate and better connect with other fans, a team, athlete or celebrity. It acts as a compliment to existing content, site and apps, building authentic, high-value relationships by simplifying marketing, administration and ecommerce. It simultaneously enables sport and entertainment franchises to better manage fan relationships, extend marketing, access currently latent revenue and protect their brand.

Mark Wayman

Mark Wayman

“It is clear from conversations we are having with sports and entertainment entities that fan data is a key and valuable asset, something Follr Profile Websites address perfectly,” stated Follr Product Lead Mark Wayman adding “The release of an updated API allows our partners to automate the creation of Profile Websites which is the first step in aggregating deep, rich personal data.”

The API supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume providing access to the following user profile data via more than forty distinct and separate data points:

  • Contact Information
  • Education History
  • Employment History
  • Biographical Information

The data appears on a Follr Profile Website, a Website rich in personal and professional data.

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

“Our objectives have always included integrating Follr into the widest selection of online marketing platforms,” stated Follr Founder and CTO Jeff Roberts adding “The release of an updated API allows us to achieve that more effectively on all forms of software platform including proprietary, bespoke and custom solutions.”

The Follr API provides a mechanism to create, read and update Follr profiles programatically using a REST mechanism to implement the Create, Read and Update functions. Partners are assigned an API key and API secret pair used to sign each request. A valid request is a simple HTTP post containing either an XML or JSON input payload.

Documentation on the API can be found at

The company will make additional announcements during the first quarter.

About Follr, Inc.:

Follr, Inc. ( is a software company founded in 2011. Located in California and New York, Follr provides Web-based business and personal networking products that collectively enable fans to connect, market and generate revenue. Business entities in the sports and entertainment industries can use the Follr Platform as a communication, marketing and sales tool while simultaneously protecting their brand.

Follr Communities provide vibrant, social groups and event management tools to engage anyone around a membership, club, group, shared passion or interest. Each community

Follr Profile Websites enable individuals, companies and brands to tell their story using a combination of personal or corporate history, social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare etc.) and content. They are personally branded Websites used as an initial point of contact and represent an aggregation of all online and offline information. Accessed by an enduring, easy to remember URL they represent a more complete picture and story in an increasingly digital world.

The Follr network provides users with the ability to create and edit their Follr Profile Website and Follr Community. It additionally facilitates improved networking while providing access to millions of jobs.

Follr is funded through Blossom Ventures. For more information see the company Website, Facebook or Twitter.

“Follr – Reinventing The Fan Experience”


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What is the Value of Our Digital Identity?

Digital Identity“the opportunities digital identity presents, when managed carefully, are enormous.”

Last year Liberty Global, an “international cable company” who “connect people to the digital world [enabling] them to discover and experience its endless possibilities” released a study, ‘The Value of Our Digital Identity’, as part of its “Public Policy Series”. The study was conducted by The Boston Consulting Group, a “global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy”.

Liberty Global described the study as:

“provid[ing] a new perspective on consumer attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of their Digital Identity and the resulting economic value across traditional industry sectors, web 2.0 players as well as the public sector.”

The study (accessible below) is the most detailed on Digital Identity ever released and it makes some fascinating observations not least about ‘conditions under which consumers are willing to share personal data’ and the impact of Digital Identity on economic growth. They describe “Digital Identity” as:

“the sum of all digitally available information about an individual”

They observe that “a quarter of the world‘s population will be members of online social networks by 2015” resulting “not only in increased information volume, but also completely new types of data.”

In terms of the evolution of human communication, we have long argued that we are at the very beginning of historical change. The combined advent of social, Web-based technology and smart mobile/cell phones has created global free speech but we are still in the infancy of fully comprehending what that truly means and the value of Digital Identity:

Source: The Boston Consulting Group

From an economic standpoint the report shines some positive light:

“digital data is already a growth driver in an otherwise flagging economy. While traditional industries shrank by up to 3.6% from 2008 through 2011 in Europe, data-intensive sectors – where the use of digital identity is a key component of business – thrived with annual growth rates between 15% (e-commerce) and up to 100% (Web 2.0 communities).”


“the value created through digital identity can be massive – at a 22% annual growth rate, applying personal data can deliver a €330 billion annual economic benefit for organisations in Europe by 2020.”

Even more substantial is their assertion that:

“Individuals will benefit to an even greater degree, as the consumer value will be more than twice as large: €670 billion by 2020. The combined total digital identity value could amount to roughly 8% of the EU-27 GDP.”

Follr Profile Websites solve the problem that “few individuals are in control of their digital identity” but the more exciting consideration is how we can help a bigger, global audience; “Digital identity is relevant not just to Web 2.0 companies, but to the economy as a whole.”

Another question is how does an individual, an organisation or a Government “embrace the new digital identity paradigm of responsibility, transparency and user control?”

To access the report in it’s entirety click here: The Value of Our Digital Identity.

Why Upgrade to Follr Professional?

People often ask what the difference is between the free version of Follr Personal and the paid version. There are lots of differences, here are some of them:

upg_socialSocial Stream – Follr Professional displays up to 30 posts from each social source going back up to 180 days. This is far more content than our free version.

upg_weblinksWeb Links – Add links to all of your profiles, blogs, services, Web sites and all other Web links that matter to you. With Follr Professional you can add up to 50!

upg_docsDocuments – Add a printable résumé/CV, sales documents, product or company information, portfolio, anything really. This is only available to Pro users.

upg_eventsEvent Management – Make events, conferences and meetings more productive and valuable. Attendees make contacts before, during and after events.

upg_messagingMessaging – Free users can send up to 25 messages per month to connections. Pro users have unlimited messaging and can send up to 25 messages per month to non-contacts.

upg_statsStatistics – See who viewed your Follr Personal Website and internal profile. Also see which of your documents was downloaded.

upg_timelineMy Story – Add up to 100 professional or life events to your My Story when you upgrade. You can add up to 10 events with our free version.

upg_searchSearch Engines – It’s important that your site is found as easily as possible. Upgrade to Pro to set your own Title and Meta values and add Google Analytics tracking.

For more information click here.

Follr Releases New Community Features!

Follr New FeaturesSeveral new community features are up and running on With this latest release, communities can be created – and grow! – more easily. New capabilities include, among others, a more streamlined “joining” experience, more opportunities for customization by administrators, and engagement tools that make it easier than ever to communicate and connect with members. Four of the most game-changing features are described below.

  1. Custom Content

Community administrators can now add custom HTML to the content and sidebar areas of the community page. This means easy-breezy embedding of content from other sites. (Think YouTube, banner ads, Strava, etc.)

  1. Member Invitations

Inviting members to join your community is as easy as sending a quick email. Simply enter email addresses – or upload a whole list! – and Follr will check for duplicate or invalid emails before queuing up a default email for administrators to review and customize if they wish. Invites can also be sent via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. As soon as invites are sent, admins can see progress on their dashboard.

  1. Messaging

Administrators can also direct message one, several, or all members at once via Follr’s new engagement capability. This is convenient for updating all members on important developments, starting private conversations, or connecting/introducing two or more members. Administrators can also authorize other members to use this messaging capability via an email request.

  1. Activity Digest

Follr will send a weekly engagement email to all members summarizing that week’s activity. The email will highlight community progress, popular content and interactions etc. This is a great way for members to be reminded of what they’re missing each week. And should there be a slow week with no activity, no email will be sent to avoid annoying, empty emails.

Visit now to get started and let us know what you think of these new features!

Follr Featured on Huffington Post

We are happy to share the following article from the Huffington Post “The Tech That’s Revolutionizing Football Fandom” written by Tina Mulqueen.


The article quotes Follr founder Mark Wayman:

“There has always been a huge disconnect between how fans and teams connect, and social media has, in many ways, muddied the water,” says Follr founder, Mark Wayman. “Follr has been built by fans for fans and it addresses an enormous opportunity by creating authentic relationships while additionally helping sports franchises protect their brand, have their message reach larger audiences, and access currently untapped revenue.”

To read the article in its entirety click here.

Social Wall – A Centralized and Visually Beautiful Way to Highlight Your Social Media

One of the most popular Follr features is the “Social Wall”:

Follr Digital Identity Websites

Social Wall automatically aggregates all of your social content and presents a beautiful visual mashup of your Facebook updates, tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, Pinterest pins and content from many other social Websites. You can also see the content full screen:

To see this full size click here or click here:

All of the content is responsive which means it will display on your mobile phone or tablet and is updated in real time!

Create your Follr account today by clicking here!

Adding RebelMouse to Follr Personal

RebelMouse is a content platform for the social, mobile web. It is redefining publishing and content marketing by helping content travel farther, faster, and be shared more widely. Like Follr it enables marketers and media companies to create real-time digital experiences across multiple channels at once and mobilizes communities around topics, interests and causes that matter. Adding RebelMouse to Follr provides for a very powerful platform.

To add RebelMouse to your Follr Personal account simply log into Follr then click on ‘Social/Links’ in the menu:

Follr RebelMouse

To see an example click here.