Life in the “Digital Now”

One year ago, Abha Dawesar was living in blacked-out Manhattan post-Sandy, scrounging for power to connect. The experience left her asking a question; have our lives now become fixated on the drive to digitally connect?

In the following TED video Dawesar states:

“The self as we once knew it no longer exists and I think that an abstract digital universe has become a part of our identity.”

She then discusses the importance of story:

“I’m a novelist and I’m interested in the self because the self and fiction have a lot in common; they are both stories, interpretations. [] Our story of our life is based on direct experience but it’s embellished. A novel needs scene after scene to build and the story of our life needs an arc as well. It needs months and years, discrete moments from our lives are its chapters. But the story is not about these chapters, it’s the whole book.”

Everyone’s story is spread throughout social silos like Facebook and LinkedIn. Each network, no matter how valuable and data rich, only represents a chapter or two of your life. So what does your book say? Start sharing your whole story with Follr today.

An Example of Amazing Social Media Aggregation – The Follr Social Wall

One of the top Follr features is the Social Wall. To see this amazing feature working click here.

By connecting all of your social media accounts you can provide a single place for people to see everything about you, your team and your supporters club in real time. No more having to visit multiple places to see everything that is happening!

Follr Profile connection options are abundant

Set up is simple, you just enter your account names or social network URL’s into your ‘Social & Links‘ section of your Follr profile, save and it’s done, as shown in the image below:

Enter your links into your Follr profile and your social wall will be ready to go

Some favorite social networks include:

And if you want to add a social network that isn’t listed just let us know!

Bringing all of your content into one location allows for those that want to keep in touch with you to do so with one click and in one place.

Follr Social Wall Brings Your Social All to One Elegant Place

Save time and make sure you never miss any of the action!

This Is How To See 100% of Your Teams Social Media In One Place

A favorite feature among supporters clubs is the Follr Social Wall because it places all of your teams social media content in one place. As a result you save time by not having to visit multiple social networks to see all the news and happenings.

Set up takes seconds. Select your Community and click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Social Media’:

Follr Social Media Aggregation

Then simply add links to social networks:

Follr Social Wall

and click ‘Save Changes’ – you will then see content from multiple social networks, beautifully displayed, in real time. It works if you are a Premier League Fan:

Tottenham Social Media

or an NFL fan:

New England Patriots Social Media

or just love yourself a blazer!:

Men In Blazers Social Media

If you questions just let us know!