If I Google Your Name Right Now What Will I See?

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

More importantly, what will I think?

It’s not a matter of if you are googled (or binged or yahooooooooood!) it’s a matter of when. Let’s be real; someone, an employer, a client, a potential client and the NSA ( 😉 ) has already used a search engine to research you. So the question that needs to be asked; what did they see?

If you are job hunting, search engine results could (and increasingly do) determine if you get a job. It’s no secret that companies are using social media as part of the recruitment process. As Fox points out:

“It used to be that job candidates were judged on their resume, cover letter and references before the in-person interview. But now with social media, job candidates are being fully examined before even stepping foot into a human resources department”

Digital IdentityIt’s also no secret that résumés are less effective. In a January 2012 Wall Street Journal article Christina Cacioppo (of Union Square Ventures) stated:

“A résumé doesn’t provide much depth about a candidate. We are most interested in what people are like, what they are like to work with, how they think.”

How do Union Square Ventures find out “what people are like” and “how they think”? They “asked applicants to send links representing their ‘Web presence’, such as a Twitter account or Tumbler blog.”

An important fact to consider is that opinions about your professionally ability and personal character are being formed using your Web presence. How can you protect yourself? Some people simply opt out. They have decided that not engaging in the social Web will somehow protect them. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. Google’s own Chairman Eric Schmidt points out in his April 2013 book “The New Digital Age”:

“The true cost of remaining anonymous might be irrelevance.”

The good news is that you can protect yourself and shape those opinions. Here’s the proof; search for me and you will see my Follr Digital Identity Website is top of Google, number one organically. I’m OK with LinkedIn and Facebook coming in second and third because they represent part of my story (albeit a siloed portion of the whole thing). The important thing though is that you, Christina Cacioppo, Eric Schmidt and everyone else sees my version of my story:

Google Results

Still don’t think this is important? Schmidt has been very public on just how important this subject is:

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results”

He adds:

“The shift from having one’s identity shaped off‐line and projected online to an identity that is fashioned online and experienced off‐line will have implications for citizen, states and companies as they navigate the new digital world. [] Your online identity in the future is unlikely to be a simple Facebook page; instead it will be a constellation of profiles, from every online activity.”

Cacioppo was hired “After she complied a profile comprising her personal blog, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, and links to social-media sites Delicious and Dopplr, which showed places where she had traveled.” so let’s be really real. If you haven’t searched for your name online you need to now! And no matter what you find start telling your story today with Follr.

Being Digital

Maya Paveza

Maya Paveza

We are all digital. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do today leaves some sort of digital footprint.

I challenge people every day to think of one moment when they are potentially completely unobserved, or have total privacy. With the government access to the data online via sites like Facebook, and the proliferation of facial recognition cameras going up all over the place, what really is privacy? What then would truly constitute your control of your own digital footprint?

The question of control, or curation, of content in the digital spaces relating to you is one that is beginning to pick up momentum, it is something that I have been watching, monitoring and considering throughout my tenure in the world of new media, or digital media, whichever term you prefer to use.

The concept of digital identity is being refined as the medium grows and expands. The idea used to mean just your username and basic data or information. The evolution has taken much further, it now refers to your legacy and your “footprint” that will endure long after your physical body has decayed.

Digital Identity and MindHow many people are truly considering the “eternity factor”, or the impact and reverberation of the actions, comments, posts and pictures they put onto the various platforms we all regularly engage in?

We look at what children put online, I remind young people regularly when I speak to groups that you should try to think “What will my 30 year old self think of me doing this at this time?” The concept is extremely difficult for most young people to grasp, but for most adults it is quite easy to understand. I notice the adults in the room all nodding.

In our day and age it was much easier to eliminate photographic evidence, burn a negative, destroy the photographic and it ceased to exist. Now that isn’t quite possible, or even impossible. Even when you delete things from accounts they still remain in existence on the servers at the websites or their hosts. Nothing ever will truly die or go away. The data lives on forever.

A hard drive which has been reformatted can be forensically recovered up to 7 reformats deep. That is a staggering consideration for most people. You think that when you “untag” an image of yourself that it won’t be found, but with the aforementioned facial recognition capabilities you could be tagged again, and again. Is there any way to protect or escape the compilation of random data that will eventually constitute your digital legacy?

Follr Logo

There is. By creating the content. By telling the story your own way, on your own terms, and with your own images, video or documents. Keeping the content fresh by aggregating the various networks into a single feed, thereby creating the freshest and most frequently updated content out there, all in your own name. You can do all this on the Follr platform. Whether it is Follr personal or business, the possibilities are endless, the probability isn’t… by controlling the content via your personal Follr.me account you will create and control your own digital legacy, even be able to bury those “Red Cup” photos you don’t want to resurface.

Until you can truly delete anything, you can control everything with Follr.

What’s your story? Mine is available at follr.me/maya

Life in the “Digital Now”

One year ago, Abha Dawesar was living in blacked-out Manhattan post-Sandy, scrounging for power to connect. The experience left her asking a question; have our lives now become fixated on the drive to digitally connect?

In the following TED video Dawesar states:

“The self as we once knew it no longer exists and I think that an abstract digital universe has become a part of our identity.”

She then discusses the importance of story:

“I’m a novelist and I’m interested in the self because the self and fiction have a lot in common; they are both stories, interpretations. [] Our story of our life is based on direct experience but it’s embellished. A novel needs scene after scene to build and the story of our life needs an arc as well. It needs months and years, discrete moments from our lives are its chapters. But the story is not about these chapters, it’s the whole book.”

Everyone’s story is spread throughout social silos like Facebook and LinkedIn. Each network, no matter how valuable and data rich, only represents a chapter or two of your life. So what does your book say? Start sharing your whole story with Follr today.

Digital Storytelling – Changing People, Perceptions and Lives

In today’s society we have the tools to be connected anywhere at any time. The scene is repeated almost every day. People will stand in line with their cell phones to make a call to someone just a few feet away. We may believe we are connected with technology but in many ways we are becoming more disconnected socially. This prevents us from finding and telling those deep personal stories, or as Jim Jorstad, says “We don’t dive deep to find the emotional stories right in front of us.”

Jorstad, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, researches how people can use social media and digital storytelling to connect with people, teams and the world. He has been quoted as “documenting history in real time.” Through his work, he has found ways to help us break through our societal disconnection by crafting inspirational and emotional digital stories and sharing them worldwide.

What is your fan story? Start telling your story on Follr today.

This Is How To See 100% of Your Teams Social Media In One Place

A favorite feature among supporters clubs is the Follr Social Wall because it places all of your teams social media content in one place. As a result you save time by not having to visit multiple social networks to see all the news and happenings.

Set up takes seconds. Select your Community and click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Social Media’:

Follr Social Media Aggregation

Then simply add links to social networks:

Follr Social Wall

and click ‘Save Changes’ – you will then see content from multiple social networks, beautifully displayed, in real time. It works if you are a Premier League Fan:

Tottenham Social Media

or an NFL fan:

New England Patriots Social Media

or just love yourself a blazer!:

Men In Blazers Social Media

If you questions just let us know!

Follr Releases New Digital Identity Website

We are very pleased and excited to announce that we have released an entirely new marketing Website that better articulates our suite of Digital Identity products.

Digital Identity

What is Digital Identity? It has been described as “the sum of all digitally available information about an individual” but it’s much more than that as described on the new Website.

Follr products include:

Follr Business – a local and mobile enabled, social media based Website solution without the need for technical or marketing expertise. Aggregating your brand’s Digital Identity, it is a suite that represents the sum of everything online about your business and brand.

Follr Personal – aggregates all digitally available information about an individual making it available via one, short, domain name. Simultaneously a social résumé, marketing aggregator and online business card, Follr Personal represents the whole you.

Follr Community – helps associations, professional bodies, membership groups and societies better serve their members and students while simultaneously leveraging their network to reach a broader market.

For more information see the Follr Website.