How Can You See Fan Activity From Your Community?

One of the most useful features of Follr Communities is daily, weekly or monthly emails that detail new members, content and activity.

These emails allow you to see:

  • Activity
  • Vouches
  • Connection Requests
  • Connections Accepted
  • Post Activity
  • Message
  • Profile
  • Follows
  • Rewards
  • News & Offers
  • Community Activity

To set up your notification preferences simply log into your account and then click your profile image top right. Click ‘My Account’:

Follr Notifications 1

then click ‘Notifications’ to see all of your choices and options:

Follr Notifications 2

Of course you can always opt out of the notifications if you don’t want to know what is going on 🙂

The Currency of the New Economy is Trust

In the following excellent video Rachel Botsman, a ‘social innovator who writes, consults and speaks on the power of collaboration and sharing through network technologies’, talks about “collaborative consumption.”

Rachel explains:

“At it’s core it’s about empowerment. It’s about empowering people to make meaningful connections, connections that are enabling us to rediscover a humanness that we have lost somewhere along the way by engaging in marketplaces [] built on personal relationships versus empty transactions.”

She adds:

“We have wired our world to share, swap, rent, barter or trade just about anything. [] Collaborative consumption is creating the start of a transformation in the way we think about supply and demand but it’s also a part of a massive value shift underway where instead of consuming to keep up with the Jonesy’s people are consuming to get to know the Jonesy’s. But the key reason why it’s taking off now, so fast, is because every new advancement of technology increases the efficiency and the social glue of trust to make sharing easier and easier.”

Rachel is essentially describing Follr Community Websites when she talks about the need for a “complete picture” a “real-time stream [] that will live together in one place.” As she points out “The future’s going to be driven by a smart aggregation” adding “ultimately, when we get it right, [] capital could create a massive, positive disruption in who has power, trust and influence.”

She adds:

“In the 21st century new trust networks and the reputation capital they generate will reinvent the way we think about wealth, markets, power and personal identity in ways we can’t yet even imagine.”

We can imagine it, it’s at the heart of everything that Follr represents. You can find Rachel’s book on Amazon and while you wait for it to be delivered I hope you enjoy the video then start to create your own community base with Follr.

Ever Thought About Adding a Personal Domain Name to Your Profile Website?

Google SEOYou should, it will seriously improve your SEO. Google “Stephen Fells” and take a look at what is top of the organic search results. That’s right – his Follr Website. It’s above LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, multiple blogs he contributes to, it’s even higher than Google+.

You can register any domain to use with your Follr digital identity Website! You can still use of course but you can also add, for example, Simply log into your Follr account to get started.

Available top level domains include::

  • .com
  • .info
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .org
  • .us

And as always please let us know if you have any questions!

Will You Take The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

Whether you love or loath science fiction you have to give it credit for preempting technological advances.

So here’s a quick quiz using a sci-fi stalwart; Star Trek. Can you name the modern day equivalent for these four Star Trek gadgets?

Star Trek Gadgets

If you said mobile phone (‘Handheld communicator’), GPS (‘Transporter Console’), Bluetooth (‘Communications Earpiece’) and iPad (‘PADD’ or ‘Personal Access Display Device’) you get full marks!

You have to love the app that makes your iPad look like a PADD. Now that’s backward compatibility 🙂

What I find most fascinating is that Star Trek originally aired almost 50 years ago! Which makes me wonder; what other sci-fi based prophetic claims can we expect to come true?

One episode of the 1997 TV series ‘The Outer Limits’ (“Stream of Consciousness“) is an interesting blend of science and fiction; specifically it centers on a world where people are connected to a network and can access all information via an electronic implant. Crazy? Perhaps not; British scientist Kevin Warwick reportedly experimented with a similar thing in 1998, only a year after “Stream of Consciousness” aired. Also consider that 10 years ago the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) OK’d this type of technology and that we think nothing of pacemakers, a technology that keeps many people alive. Lastly I’ve seen the term ‘body Internet’ used several times. One use suggests implants can report insulin levels, via the Internet, to researchers (and ultimately doctors) to improve diabetes treatment.

Human Head BarcodeWe are at the very beginning of an historical change in the evolution of human communication – the way we connect has altered, the game has new rules and that change creates enormous opportunity. The combined advent of the social Web and mobile technology allows us to fulfill the innately human desire to belong and connect like never before. Individuals, businesses, brands and communities, in every part of the world, are increasingly sharing where they are, what they are doing and what they are thinking. This is taking place in real time and to an unlimited number of people via the new and inherently viral Internet. By leveraging countless layers of connections a single message is now magnified and exposed to a global audience. The world has changed.

But as we see and hear each other in a whole new light, as the world becomes increasingly connected, it is ever more complex and new problems are created. With more people now on Facebook than existed on the planet two hundred years ago, with generations sharing the minutia of their daily existence and with an abundance of choices in how to connect and circulate information there is a sense of confusion.

We now live in a world where our grand children will know significantly more about us than we will ever know about our parents and this raises questions. How will our message, our very identity, perhaps even our legacy be interpreted? The social Web provides a mechanism for global free speech but it has individuals concerned about just what information is available about them online. It has companies wondering how to control brand integrity, how to keep corporate information secure and how to effectively market via multiple new channels.

And these problems impact a worldwide audience. As we acknowledge these concerns we recognize the need to organize and represent every person and every organization simply and accurately.

Of course we are decades away from being able to mentally download instructions on how to fly a helicopter but is it crazy to imagine that computers will control aspects of our life? When will your reputation be impacted by what you say and do on the Internet?

Another question to consider; Brian Solis, “globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media”, states “Social influence is one of the hottest trends in social media” so at what point will your Klout score impact your ability to get a job? Is a resume useless?

Matrix Red Pill Blue PillI think these questions are rhetorical and aren’t based on a prophetic claim; you are already connected to a network, in fact many networks, and your daily existence increasingly depends on that fact. This isn’t science fiction, it’s the here and the now. Many are blind to it, others confused by it, some simply refuse to acknowledge it. Morpheus, what do you think?

“Unfortunately no one can be told what the [future] is, you have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more. Follr me…”

Follr Feature – Professional and Personal Tags

The ‘Follr Tag’ feature allows you to not only describe yourself personally and professional but also to search and connect with a far broader range of people using very specific criteria.

Having logged into your account simply click on ‘Connections’ and then ‘Finder’:

Follr Digital Identity

Your search results are only as good as the quality of tags entered so make sure that for your own account and profile Website you enter as much information as possible and choose your tags (professional and personal) thoughtfully; this is also how others will find you.

Have questions we didn’t answer?  Want to know more? Ask us!

This Is How To See 100% of Your Teams Social Media In One Place

A favorite feature among supporters clubs is the Follr Social Wall because it places all of your teams social media content in one place. As a result you save time by not having to visit multiple social networks to see all the news and happenings.

Set up takes seconds. Select your Community and click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Social Media’:

Follr Social Media Aggregation

Then simply add links to social networks:

Follr Social Wall

and click ‘Save Changes’ – you will then see content from multiple social networks, beautifully displayed, in real time. It works if you are a Premier League Fan:

Tottenham Social Media

or an NFL fan:

New England Patriots Social Media

or just love yourself a blazer!:

Men In Blazers Social Media

If you questions just let us know!

Follr Releases New Digital Identity Management Platform

Completely redesigned software product replaces Follr Digital Identity Websites administration system and rolls out significant feature enhancements.

Emeryville, CA (March 14th, 2012) Follr, Inc., today announced the release of a new version of their digital identity management product, a free Web based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. The announcement follows a record increase in registrations, up 78% in February versus January and initial first quarter registrations up 51% versus the fourth quarter 2011.

The enhanced platform is available across all three company products; Follr Solo, Follr Community and Follr Business allowing the company to reach the widest possible audience. Follr’s digital identity Websites organize and aggregate an individual’s online information making it accessible via one memorable Website address.

This is third major announcement this year following the February release of Follr Community prefaced by a January announcement about the release of Follr Business. Follr Community helps associations, professional bodies, membership groups and societies better serve participants, grow member base and generate revenue. Follr Business is aimed at helping corporations leverage employees and staff to promote and protect the company brand while simultaneously driving online traffic to official marketing channels like Facebook business pages and Twitter. It also addresses human resource and compliance issues.

The new platform has been built with a focus on feature extensibility. The release includes detailed privacy controls, enhanced networking, contact grouping, improved search, tighter Facebook integration, more control over content and the ability to add documents.

Users can also add personal, professional, certification and language based tags which connections are able to endorse. Once a tag has been vouched for it increases users Follr score, a metric that makes you more visible within Follr. The Follr score is also used to prioritize internal Follr search results.

Mark Wayman

Mark Wayman

“The release of a new platform allows us to roll future features out quickly and easily,“ stated Follr Co-Founder, Mark Wayman adding “We are now working on the next set of features including enhanced designs, engagement (via social gaming mechanics), custom domain names and the integration of social influence tools Klout, PeerIndex and Kred.”

Paying subscribers have access to an expanded number of features including detailed analytics for both their external digital identity site and internal profile, the ability to add documents, add more Twitter and RSS feeds, customization options, increased reporting on profile visitors and the ability to add more tags. International addresses are also supported for the first time allowing the company to explore global growth.

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

“The social web is changing human communication but online silos like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do not and have will accurately represent a person’s complete digital identity. As a result there is a move towards an ever increasing number of niche social networks,” said Stephen Fells, Follr CEO and Co-Founder adding “This evolution is one reason why Follr, via our hundreds of social profiles, ensures personal digital identities are fully represented.”

About Follr, Inc.:

Follr, Inc. is a software company founded in 2011. With offices in California and New York Follr provides Digital Identity Websites to individuals and corporations. A Digital Identity Website provides a list of profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare etc.), contact information, Twitter and blog content, resume and networking to connect Follr users.

It is a personally branded Website used as an initial point of contact representing an aggregation of all personal information and is a natural extension of a physical business card. It is accessed by an enduring, easy to remember URL and represents a more complete picture of individuals and organizations.


Stephen M. Fells – CEO/Co-Founder
(845) 223-1729