How You Can See What Social Network is The Most Effective

If you are a Follr Pro user you get detailed statistics that show you many things!

To access your statistics simply log into your account and click your profile image in the top right corner:

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Click the ‘Statistics’ link which will show you the available reports:

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You can see who has visited your profile:

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and also where people researched you. Are they more interested in your Facebook account or LinkedIn profile? This is invaluable information because it tells you where you should be focusing your marketing efforts:

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Three Trends Driving Data

Omar Wasow

Omar Wasow

Omar Wasow is an internet analyst who appears frequently on radio and television.

Proclaimed by Newsweek as one of the “fifty most influential people to watch in cyberspace” he introduced Oprah Winfrey to email on her television show.

In the following brief video he discusses trends driving growth in data.

Social Media and Data as a Disruptor

A very select and diverse group of business executives and thought leaders were invited to explore how social data can be more effectively harnessed to deliver higher performance. The group explored three primary topics: how social data can more effectively drive business performance, how social data can be harnessed to disrupt markets and industries, and how social data privacy standards might evolve.

In this first video Joshua Kauffman of The Quantified Self, talks about social media and big data as a disruptor.

Joshua explains:

“The first thing to realize is that social data is really personal data, it’s really data that is about us and data that is about us can come from so many different places. [] The scope is vast, in fact I would say the scope is all encompassing.”

He adds:

“[Individuals] can generate and validate knowledge in the context of personal meaning. And so for large institutions and organizations the most important thing to contemplate right now is knowing that this is a mega trend, knowing that individuals are increasingly empowered with any number of new personal data tools. How can the large organizations and institutions empower those people in a way that is virtuous, in a way that has mutual benefit and ultimately in a way so that the individuals within these institution can be more productive and be doing it with more self knowledge?”

Organizations using Follr get to leverage fans, supporters and anyone interested in them to achieve these goals. Contact us today for more information.

How The Copa America And Euro 2016 Measure Up

Source: Statista

The Copa América usually takes place every four years and even though it was held last year, it is making a return in 2016 in order to celebrate the centenary of CONMEBOL (the South American Football Confederation). The first game will kick off this evening with the USA playing against Colombia. Soccer is going to be a big deal on both sides of the Atlantic this summer with Euro 2016 starting on June 10. How do the two tournaments measure up? The infographic below provides the key numbers about the summers two soccer extravaganzas.

This chart provides key numbers about the Copa America and Euro 2016.

Infographic: How The Copa America And Euro 2016 Measure Up  | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

Statistics and facts on Soccer

Source: Statista

Soccer – or football – is probably the most popular and prevalent sport in the world. Originating in Britain in the second half of the 19th century and spreading to continental Europe thereafter, football it is now played in all parts of world.

Do Patriots Fans Prefer Mercedes or Chevy? The Fascinating Side of Sports Marketing.

Do Patriots fans prefer a Mercedes or a Chevy? Marketers, especially around powerful ad opportunities like the Super Bowl, ask this type of question all the time and getting the answer right or wrong can have enormous ramifications.

According to Adweek:

“The Trade Desk found fans of the Carolina Panthers and Kansas City Chiefs to be more family-oriented, showing a higher interest in family vehicles. He said that might mean those games are a good time to show more ads related to those types of products.”

This fascinating infographic provides more information about the marketing side of sports, the NFL specifically:

Source: Adweek

NFL Fans Marketing Infographic

About AdWeek:

Covering breaking news and trends in the media, marketing, advertising and technology. From insights and analysis to trends and thought-leadership, Adweek connects brands to media’s most influential audience — industry leaders who create and build brands, shape business strategies, push technology and drive culture forward. Adweek keeps the industry informed and aware all day, every day, across every platform.

About The Trade Desk:

The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social, mobile, and video advertising campaigns.

The Trade Desk empowers buyers at the campaign level with the most expressive bid capabilities in market, full-funnel attribution, and detailed reporting that illustrates the consumer journey from initial impression to conversion. By maintaining a pure buy-side focus, The Trade Desk delivers on branding and performance for clients worldwide.

Do You Know Which Social Network Works Best For You?

If someone wants information about you, where do they look first? Is it a social network, a Website, some other online location? Which social network provides the most information, the most complete picture of you?

Today, our information is all over the Web but by using Follr we can see that, in March, most people went to Twitter to research me followed by Facebook and then LinkedIn.

Follr Social Media Data

Along with this data Follr also provides me with reports on:

  • who specifically viewed my Follr account
  • how many times my Follr account was viewed
  • what specific page they looked at
  • what files they downloaded.

To see your stats simply log into your account and click the triangle icon next to your profile image in the top right of the screen:

Social Media Statistics

With so much time wasted on social media, social marketing and social networking (they are distinct and separate things) it’s vital that you focus on platforms, services and Websites that get you the most bang for your buck or RIO (return on investment) in business speak. The best place to start is Follr – start today by creating your profile at