Follr Rewards Feature: Monetize Your Community Management Efforts

You can generate revenue through your Follr online community in many ways. Sell event tickets, offer paid subscriptions to access exclusive content, and even earn money by inviting others to do the same. With Follr Rewards, monetizing your online community efforts is easy as A-B-C. You can also easily track your rewards right from your Rewards Program Dashboard:

Follr Rewards Program

Follr Guide to Rewards:

1. Share Your Link

Grow your network, save your friends money and earn Follr Dollars you can use for upgrades and add-ons.

2. Friends Join Follr

Earn Follr Score points for every signup from your link. Your friends receive amazing savings thanks to you! Earn 1 point for each registration, 2 points if you are a Pro member.

3. Friend Upgrades

If anyone you invited upgrades, you earn Follr Dollars you can use to upgrade to Pro or to buy an add-on domain name. Earn $2 Follr Dollars for each registration, $5 Follr Dollars if you are a Pro member. It’s that simple. Create your own Follr Community today and get earning!

How To Use Follr To Organize Events

Follr adds significant value to supporters clubs events enabling fans to connect during, after and before the game at no cost!

Our solution consists of three interwoven components:

Follr Event Management Components

Add Event Details

The event organizer creates an event (date, time, location, description) plus optional link to external details (e.g. third-party ticket solution).

Follr Event Management Details

Invite Fans

An attendee list can be uploaded.

Follr Event Management Invite Attendees

Attendees Create a Free Follr Site

Registration takes just minutes providing detailed information for valuable pre-event connections.

Follr Event Management Follr Site

Sign Up Activity

Attendees indicate Confirmed, Maybe or Declined (hopefully that means they are watching the game at home…). The organizer receives update emails for immediate event interest feedback.

Follr Event Management Sign Up Activity


The event organizer can proactively make introductions via the event management system.

Follr Event Management Matchmaking


Emails can be sent at any time to fans.

Follr Event Management Messaging

Follr Event Management

Everything you need to add value to your next event!

Follr Event Management

For more information please contact us.

Follr Releases New Digital Identity Website

We are very pleased and excited to announce that we have released an entirely new marketing Website that better articulates our suite of Digital Identity products.

Digital Identity

What is Digital Identity? It has been described as “the sum of all digitally available information about an individual” but it’s much more than that as described on the new Website.

Follr products include:

Follr Business – a local and mobile enabled, social media based Website solution without the need for technical or marketing expertise. Aggregating your brand’s Digital Identity, it is a suite that represents the sum of everything online about your business and brand.

Follr Personal – aggregates all digitally available information about an individual making it available via one, short, domain name. Simultaneously a social résumé, marketing aggregator and online business card, Follr Personal represents the whole you.

Follr Community – helps associations, professional bodies, membership groups and societies better serve their members and students while simultaneously leveraging their network to reach a broader market.

For more information see the Follr Website.

Follr Releases New Digital Identity Management Platform

Completely redesigned software product replaces Follr Digital Identity Websites administration system and rolls out significant feature enhancements.

Emeryville, CA (March 14th, 2012) Follr, Inc., today announced the release of a new version of their digital identity management product, a free Web based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. The announcement follows a record increase in registrations, up 78% in February versus January and initial first quarter registrations up 51% versus the fourth quarter 2011.

The enhanced platform is available across all three company products; Follr Solo, Follr Community and Follr Business allowing the company to reach the widest possible audience. Follr’s digital identity Websites organize and aggregate an individual’s online information making it accessible via one memorable Website address.

This is third major announcement this year following the February release of Follr Community prefaced by a January announcement about the release of Follr Business. Follr Community helps associations, professional bodies, membership groups and societies better serve participants, grow member base and generate revenue. Follr Business is aimed at helping corporations leverage employees and staff to promote and protect the company brand while simultaneously driving online traffic to official marketing channels like Facebook business pages and Twitter. It also addresses human resource and compliance issues.

The new platform has been built with a focus on feature extensibility. The release includes detailed privacy controls, enhanced networking, contact grouping, improved search, tighter Facebook integration, more control over content and the ability to add documents.

Users can also add personal, professional, certification and language based tags which connections are able to endorse. Once a tag has been vouched for it increases users Follr score, a metric that makes you more visible within Follr. The Follr score is also used to prioritize internal Follr search results.

Mark Wayman

Mark Wayman

“The release of a new platform allows us to roll future features out quickly and easily,“ stated Follr Co-Founder, Mark Wayman adding “We are now working on the next set of features including enhanced designs, engagement (via social gaming mechanics), custom domain names and the integration of social influence tools Klout, PeerIndex and Kred.”

Paying subscribers have access to an expanded number of features including detailed analytics for both their external digital identity site and internal profile, the ability to add documents, add more Twitter and RSS feeds, customization options, increased reporting on profile visitors and the ability to add more tags. International addresses are also supported for the first time allowing the company to explore global growth.

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

“The social web is changing human communication but online silos like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do not and have will accurately represent a person’s complete digital identity. As a result there is a move towards an ever increasing number of niche social networks,” said Stephen Fells, Follr CEO and Co-Founder adding “This evolution is one reason why Follr, via our hundreds of social profiles, ensures personal digital identities are fully represented.”

About Follr, Inc.:

Follr, Inc. is a software company founded in 2011. With offices in California and New York Follr provides Digital Identity Websites to individuals and corporations. A Digital Identity Website provides a list of profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare etc.), contact information, Twitter and blog content, resume and networking to connect Follr users.

It is a personally branded Website used as an initial point of contact representing an aggregation of all personal information and is a natural extension of a physical business card. It is accessed by an enduring, easy to remember URL and represents a more complete picture of individuals and organizations.


Stephen M. Fells – CEO/Co-Founder
(845) 223-1729