Women’s Baseball History (Infographic)

Source: Team Sports

Is baseball your thing? You will be amazed to know that baseball for women was actually conceptualized and made to real since the World War II. Indeed, success is about overcoming adversity. It has started with reluctance but continued to become one of the most loved games both by men and women. Want to know more about the baseball played by women? Check this infographic!

Baseball Infographic

Cleveland Inherits World Series Drought Crown

In winning the World Series, the Chicago Cubs have shed a rather unwelcome record they had been holding. With their last championship win way back in 1908, the Cubs endured 108 years without World Series glory. This dubious accolade now gets passed onto the team they beat 4 to 3 in this year’s championship, the Cleveland Indians. With 68 seasons without win, they are now the not so proud owners of the longest World Series drought.

This graphic shows the MLB teams with the most seasons since their last World Series win.

Infographic: Cleveland Inherits World Series Drought Crown | Statista
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