Social Media Overload – Follr to the Rescue!

I read an interesting post today by Chris Brogan entitled “Pick a Badge“.

In summary the post exposes the trend of adding the ‘kitchen sink’ of contact information and social links to our email signatures. Some are so long that often they’re longer than the email message!

We’re all embracing social media and all the benefits that brings. It is however becoming overwhelming for many of us as evidenced by our email signatures. This is one of many reasons that we created Follr Digital Identity Sites.

Follr enables you to efficiently communicate all of your information with just one link. By adding all our information to a free Follr site your email signature just needs one link to direct people to the hub of all the online and offline information you choose to add. Simple.

Instead of an overwhelming list of information use something simple like “More Information:“. Simple, Memorable, Free.

Simplify your contact information with a free Follr Identity Site.

Chris Brogan’s post (or read the original):

 Pick a Badge

There’s a marketing principle called “the paradox of choice.” Essentially, more than 2 choices means people will be more inclined to do nothing. We do great with “this or that,” but not great with “here are five options.” Sure, we can do it, but it’s not a native mental process.

Your email signature, more often than not, has grown. It looks like this:

Jennifer McSomebodyImportant

Director, Really Important Projects With Names That Don’t Make Sense

51 Brilliant Drive #808

GorgeousCity, XX 93100

Office: 814.555.0181

Cell: 814.222.1148

Phone Near the Bathroom: 814.202.2222

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And then the social links:

Okay, Now What?

You did it because you wanted to show that you were very accessible. What you’ve told your receiver, however, doesn’t translate well. It most definitely doesn’t tell them how you prefer to be reached. It also is a lot to absorb, and so people tend to discard what they can’t absorb.

So, maybe pick 2, 3 at the most:

Physical address, if that matters.

Phone or email.

One social network.

And that’s about it.

Why? Again, we’re looking to eliminate a choice problem. Make it super streamlined.

Try it. You’ll appreciate the difference. More importantly, your customers will.

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