New Follr Feature – MP3 File Uploads

We are excited to announce that we have updated the document upload feature to allow MP3 files!

This is particularly useful if you want to add podcasts to your community, have a band and are looking to share songs or have a fan chant!

How do you add MP3’s? It’s quick and easy with Follr – here is how it’s done.

1: Log into your account:

Follr Home Page Login

2: Having selected your community click ‘Media’ then ‘Documents.’ Then select the album you would like to add the file(s) to:

Follr Add Media MP3

3: Click ‘Add files’ and the ‘Start upload’:

Follr Add Media MP3 Step 2

4: Once uploaded the file can be viewed and played from your community:

Follr Add Media MP3 Step 3

As always let us know if you have questions 🙂

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