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Wappingers Falls, NY (May 22nd, 2014) Follr, Inc., a SaaS (Service as a software) company today announced the release of “Follr Communities“, a collaborative social media based platform that significantly extends the existing Follr product suite.

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The product enables clubs, groups or organizations to create an online community looking to engage members, students, employees or individuals around a common interest, product, brand or shared passion. As a single point of entry members of each Follr Community can organize events, market, communicate, share content and network.

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

“Follr Communities is a significant enhancement to our platform and a natural extension of our focus on providing a better way for people to connect,” said Stephen Fells, Follr CEO and Co-Founder adding “Networking of any type is now predominantly an online activity. As this move takes place Follr Communities serves as the solution for all forms of collaboration, something specific social silos fall short on.”

Follr Communities can be customized to match any brand or style and members have access to advanced features including:

  • Rich profiles – Members can create highly detailed Websites encouraging richer, more human connections. The profiles also help with online reputation management, pre-event networking and serve as an online resume.
  • Events – Members can create, manage and run events of all sizes within a community.
  • Automated Social Media – Social media content is distributed to multiple online marketing channels.
  • Social Wall – The Follr Social Wall ensures members see real time social media content from every marketing channel ensuring they never miss a tweet or post again.
  • Enhanced Chats and Messaging – News feed, threaded discussions and rich messaging functionality enhance community engagement.
  • Flexible Membership – Public, private or paid options are available enabling subscription communities with a revenue share for administrators.
  • Photos and Documents – Members can share photos and documents within their community.

“Follr Communities provides a feature set that will better support existing online groups especially with the rich data provided by Follr profiles,” stated Follr Founder and Product Lead Mark Wayman. He added “In doing so it appeals to a broad audience of online community members who are not served by existing simpler solutions.”

The company is seeing schools, universities and colleges build communities as a collaboration tool for students while causes, charities and not-for-profits are spreading their message and raising funds. Entertainment brands looking to build on and increase fan engagement can leverage Follr Communities as a hub for outreach while corporations looking to improve internal and external communication or more effectively administer projects will benefit. The company will be releasing additional features to Follr Communities over the remainder of the quarter.

About Follr, Inc.:

Follr, Inc. ( is a software company founded in 2011. With offices in California and New York Follr provides Web-based business and personal networking products.

Follr Communities provide vibrant, social groups and event management tools to engage anyone around a membership, club, group, shared passion or interest.

Follr Profile Websites enable individuals, companies and brands to tell their story using a combination of personal or corporate history, social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare etc.) and content. They are personally branded Websites used as an initial point of contact and represents an aggregation of all online and offline information. Accessed by an enduring, easy to remember URL they represent a more complete picture and story in an increasingly digital world.

The Follr network provides users with the ability to create and edit their Follr Profile Website and Follr Community. It additionally facilitates improved networking while providing access to millions of jobs.

The combination of Follr products uniquely provide “a better way to connect”™.

Follr is funded through Blossom Ventures. For more information see the company Website, Facebook or Twitter.


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