Team GB Wins Tight Battle With China For 2nd

Leading up to the summer games in Rio, China had two second places and one outright victory under their belts from the previous three Olympics – second in Athens, first on home turf in Beijing, and second in London. Team GB on the other hand have been experiencing somewhat of an upward curve in recent years. A poor tenth place in Athens led to a bullish fourth in Beijing and an impressive third as hosts in 2012.

In Rio, Team GB really found their feet, beating even the mighty China into second place. While this achievement is an example of the importance of funding in top-level sport, the years of hard work and dedication from the athletes are of course still absolutely essential. The infographic below tracks how the medal tallies developed over the games, with Team GB ending with one more gold than China to secure their place directly behind the omnipotent USA.

This infographic documents the medal tallies of Team GB and China in the race for second place at Rio 2016.

Infographic: Team GB Wins Tight Battle With China For 2nd | Statista
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Team USA’s Most Successful Olympics Since LA

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As the Rio Olympics drew to a close on Sunday evening, Team USA stood top of the medal table by a long distance. They won 121 medals in total, their most successful haul since the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. That year, the Soviet Union, East Germany and Cuba boycotted the event, more than likely contributing to U.S. success. The 1904 Games in St. Louis were the most successful games in U.S. Olympic history with American athletes bagging 231 medals.

This chart shows the number of medals won by the U.S. at the Summer Olympics since 1972.

Infographic: Team USA's Most Successful Olympics Since LA  | Statista
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