How To Find Fellow Fans on Follr

What’s a supporters club without people connecting around their favorite team? Here are a few quick steps to show you how to find people that you can connect with.

1: Log into your account:

Follr Login

2: Click “Connections” on the navigation bar.


3: Click “Finder,” and then enter a word or phrase in the search box, whether a team, a sport or a league. People who have added these tags to their profile will display.


4: A list of the matching Follr members will display below. Click ‘add’ in the right hand column and your connection invites will be sent. While you’re at it, why not form a community and invite them to join?


Adding Documents or Files to Your Follr Profile Website

If you ever need to add a document to your profile, like a PDF of your fantasy sports team, it’s quick and easy with Follr!

Here is how it’s done.

1: Log into your account:

Follr Home Page Login

2: Click the down arrow next to your profile image, and from the menu that pops down, select “Edit Profile”.


3: You’ll see a variety of options — all sorts of ways that you can personalize or modify your account, including adding your resume and contact information. Here’s also where you’ll add photo files, video links, or other types of documents in a variety of formats, up to 6 MB.


4: When choosing “Docs,” you’ll see an initial page that is where you’ll access the upload functionality. It’s also where your documents will display after you’ve loaded them.


5: Simply add your documents, either manually (A), or by dragging them into the window. Then upload them (B), and you’re done!