Roger Federer Crowned Oldest No. 1 in Tennis at Age 36

Source: Statista

Having won his 97th ATP World Tour title in Rotterdam on Sunday, Roger Federer became the oldest tennis player to reach world no. 1 since the introduction of the ATP Rankings in 1973. The Swiss maestro took the top spot from Rafael Nadal, nearly five years his junior, in the new rankings published on Monday.

Reclaiming the no. 1 spot more than five years after having lost it to Novak Djokovic in November 2012, Federer’s return to the tennis throne adds a couple more records to his name. Not only is he the oldest player to reach number 1 – Andre Agassi was 33 when he was last no. 1 in September 2003 – Federer is also the player with the longest period between two stints at no. 1 (5 years) and the player with the longest period between his no. 1 debut and his latest coronation (14 years). This week will mark his 303rd week at the top of the ATP Rankings, which is, you guessed it, also a record.

At 20 Grand Slam singles titles, Roger Federer also leads in that category, which leads us to one of the few records in male tennis he has yet to conquer. Having won 97 singles titles on tour, the Swiss trails Jimmy Connors by 12 wins. The American won 109 tournaments during his career, including 8 Grand Slam titles.

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Super Bowl LII Draws Smallest TV Crowd Since 2009

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While Sunday’s Super Bowl broke plenty of records (along with the hearts of some Patriots fans), the TV ratings record was not one of them. NBC’s telecast of the game drew an average audience of 103.4 million viewers, more than 10 million short of the all-time record set by Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.

As our chart illustrates, Super Bowl TV viewership has risen sharply since the 1990s. For the past few years, it had been hovering around 110 million before seeing its first more significant decline this year. Super Bowl LII marks the third consecutive year-over-year decline in TV viewership, though interest remains at a high level when looking at the long-term trend.

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MLS in Miami – David Beckham Effect 2.0

4 years after the initial announcement, David Beckham and MLS have confirmed a team for Miami. Will Beckham’s second phase of soccer in America mean huge success for a South Beach team?

COPA90 US is North America’s voice in the global soccer conversation. From weekly shows like Walk Talk Football to documentaries that take us all over the world, we’re here to share how football feels and passionately tell the stories no one else does, in our region and beyond. This is the soccer generation that we’re building together.

Super Bowl LII: Most Rooting for the Eagles

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The Eagles and the Patriots will be going head to head on Sunday to win Super Bowl LII. Historically, the Patriots have pedigree, with five wins in total. The Eagles, very much playing up to their underdog tag, are looking to win their first, having been beaten in 1981 and 2005 – the latter a narrow loss at the hands of the Patriots. The American public seems to be rooting for them, too. In total, 45 percent of Morning Consult survey respondents said that they’d like to see the Eagles triumph, to the 26 percent backing the Patriots.

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This Time Last Season…

In the Premier League this season, Man City are running away with it. With the only points dropped a draw against Everton and a loss to Liverpool. Looking back to last season though, things were quite different. City had already been beaten five times and were sitting in second spot, 8 points behind eventual champions Chelsea.

As the January transfer window comes to a close, Man City are still sitting pretty in the Premier League – performing significantly better than last year. When comparing to this time last season though, the biggest improvement table-wise has been made by Leicester. In eighth on 34 points, they are a whole 9 places better off than in 2016/17. Defending champions Chelsea’s underwhelming season is also underlined as they occupy the fourth spot, battling it out for a Champions League place.

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Football’s Top Earning Clubs

Source: Statista

Football has long been big business. With huge revenues to be found off the pitch, success on it isn’t necessarily essential for bringing in the big money. Despite winning two cups, by their standards Manchester United had a poor 2016/17 season – only managing to finish sixth in the league. Nevertheless, they are the club with the largest revenue haul for the second year running. As Deloitte’s latest ranking shows, their total of €676.3m (£581.2m) keeps them above La Liga and Champions League winners Real Madrid, if only by a whisker.

Another example of on-pitch fortunes not reflecting the bank balance would be Arsenal. Despite the Gunners finishing fifth in the league and crashing out of the Champions league in the round of 16, they are sitting pretty in sixth place on this list thanks to €487.6m (£419m) in revenue. Their failure to qualify for the Champions League in 2017/18 will have consequences in this year’s accounts though.

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Follr Support Series – How To Create a New Supporters Club Community Website

Follr contains community Websites for every sports team imaginable, soccer (AKA football), football (aka football), basketball, hockey, baseball and many other professionals, organizations and interest groups associated with the industry. The question is; how do you create one?

Please follow these steps – if you have additional questions give us a call on:

(888) 201-5160

or email:

Step 1:

After you log into your Follr account you will see the Activity Screen:

Follr Support - Community Discovery 1

Step 2:

This screen highlights two places to see communities:

(i) From the top menu you can click on “Communities”:

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(ii) In the right panel you will see “Discover Communities”:

Follr Support - Community Discovery 2

Step 3:

If you click on “Communities” from the top menu you see a page that by default shows you the communities you are currently a member of:

Follr Support - Community Discovery 4

To create a new community simply click on the “Start a Community” button:

Follr Sports Community

Step 4:

You will then see the “Start a Community” page:

Follr Sports Community

Simply fill in the information and click the “Create Community” button at the bottom of the page.


(i) All fields marked with an asterisk have to be completed.

(ii) There isn’t a limit on how many communities you can create.