Soccer’s Embarrassing Gender Wage Gap

Source: Statista

The U.S. national women’s soccer team has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Despite bringing in more money than the men’s team, however, the women’s national team is still paid nearly four times less. That prompted Olympic gold medalist Hope Solo to take legal action against the U.S. Soccer Federation over pay discrimination in April 2016. Together with her teammates, she filed that lawsuit in April of last year and it is still ongoing. It is going to be difficult for Solo to close the wage gap in a sport where gender inequality is absolutely rampant. Its sheer scale can be seen from a new report from Sporting Intelligence which found that male Brazilian forward Neymar earns more than the top seven women’s soccer leagues combined.

Neymar made a lucrative switch from Barcelona to PSG this year and he will earn $43.8 million for the 2017-18 season from his playing contract alone. That doesn’t include the millions more he is likely to earn from commercial deals and endorsements. The figure is roughly the same as the combined earnings of the 1,693 female players plying their trade in the top soccer leagues in France, Germany, England, the U.S., Sweden, Australia and Mexico. In the U.S. National Women’ s Soccer League, collective earnings only add up to $5.4 million every year by comparison.

Soccer Infographic

Meeting Lionel Messi: The Greatest Of All Time

In the following video, from the COPA90 YouTube channel, Vuj and Timbsy chat with Messi at an event to announce the Adidas Telstar 18 World Cup ball.

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Follr Support Series – Discovering New Communities

Follr contains community Websites for every sports team imaginable, soccer (AKA football), football (aka football), basketball, hockey, baseball and many other professionals, organizations and interest groups associated with the industry. The question is; how do you find one?

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This screen highlights two places to find new communities:

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

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The Most Expensive Goals in the Premier League


Arsenal is renowned for its astronomical prices when it comes to the fan experience. Season ticket prices are consistently the highest in the Premier League, despite having come down in price this season. When it comes to the entertainment fans get for their money, the Gunners also don’t stack up too well with a cost per goal at home last season of £26. Nevertheless, they didn’t actually offer the worst value for money in this regard. That accolade goes to Southampton. The Saints only scored 17 goals at home, making a cost per goal of £31.82.

These figures are based on the BBC Price of Football 2017. Taking Arsenal as an example, the cost per goal was calculated by dividing the cost of the cheapest season ticket last season (£1,014) by the number of home goals scored (39).

Soccer Infographic

Follr Founder Stephen Fells Discusses Leveraging Technology To Power Online Communities

In the following video, from the Flight to Freedom event held in San Diego, CA, Follr CEO Stephen Fells discusses how Follr technology is powering online communities and helping brands distribute content while protecting brand and generating revenue.

Flight To Freedom Small

The event, for entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists “is designed to enhance collaboration between the vibrant entrepreneurial community in Bay Area and other groups around the world.”

Now You Can See Which Social Network is The Most Effective

If you are a Follr Pro user you get detailed statistics that show you many things!

To access your statistics simply log into your account and click your profile image in the top right corner:

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Click the ‘Statistics’ link which will show you the available reports:

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You can see who has visited your profile:

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Who Is Better? Modric or Winks? (Infographic)

Young (21) Harry Winks has had an amazing few months. Not only is he now starting more regularly for Spurs but he also made his England debut. Can it get better? After last night’s thumping of Real Madrid, Tottenham have everyone talking. Just how good are they? And is Winks part of the reason they are playing so well?

Ex-Spurs player Luka Modric split opinions among Spurs fans which begs another question; Is Winks better than Modric?

According to Oulalal it would seem he is:

“Winks has bettered Modric for pass completion (89.2% to 88.8%). On a per game basis, the 21-year-old has also made more interceptions (2 to 1), more blocks (0.5 to 0) more clearances (1 to 0.3) and more successful dribbles (2 to 1.3).”

Oulala Winks Vs Modric

What do you think?

Follr Feature – Professional and Personal Tags

The ‘Follr Tag’ feature allows you to not only describe yourself personally and professional but also to search and connect with a far broader range of people using very specific criteria.

Having logged into your account simply click on ‘Connections’ and then ‘Finder’:

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