The 6 Most Depressing Clubs To Support

Football can be upsetting, but on a more serious note, despite what Bill Shankly once said, it isn’t a matter of life and death. Depression can be. We need to encourage and support each other to open up and talk about how we’re feeling. Love football by all means, but love life more.

Follr Support Series – How To Find a Job in Sports

Follr has integrated the indeed job data which gives you access to countless jobs in all industries including sports.

To find a sports job please follow these steps – if you have additional questions give us a call on:

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Step 1:

After you log into your Follr account you will see the Activity Screen:

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Step 2:

Click on “Careers” in the top menu:

Sports Fan Communities

Step 3:

You will then see the “Jobs & Careers” page:

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Step 4:

Enter in your search criteria:

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then click the “Search” button to see all matching jobs:

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Step 5:

Click the job title to see full details:

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Sports Fan Communities

Women’s Baseball History (Infographic)

Source: Team Sports

Is baseball your thing? You will be amazed to know that baseball for women was actually conceptualized and made to real since the World War II. Indeed, success is about overcoming adversity. It has started with reluctance but continued to become one of the most loved games both by men and women. Want to know more about the baseball played by women? Check this infographic!

Baseball Infographic

A Brief History Of FA Cup Giant Killings

In a few hours the third round of the FA Cup begins. Since 1871 the FA Cup, known officially as ‘The Football Association Challenge Cup’, has been an annual knockout football (soccer) competition played in England. Not only does that make the competition the oldest association football competition in the world but it is arguably the best. And the third round is important because it’s when the big boys start playing.

But what specifically makes it the best? It’s because semi-professionals get a chance to play against the big money pro’s. So teams from little known towns, with rosters filled by plumbers and teachers, play sports gods who play on teams that are global brands. And those little towns, with their part time players win, not often, but it’s certainly far from unique.

Here is a brief history:

And then there’s this video from ESPN that gives you a sense of the beauty, the passion and the emotion that the FA Cup alone brings.

This Time Last Season…

Source: Statista

Man City are running away with it this season. Unbeaten in 18 games, with the only points dropped a draw against Everton in their second game. Looking back to last season though, things were looking quite different at the top of the Premier League. City had already been beaten three times and were sitting in third spot, 9 points behind eventual champions Chelsea.

The biggest gains at this stage have been made by Burnley, who after a surprise run of form are currently in a Europa League-worthy sixth. This time last season, they were eight places lower in 14th. Leicester, now in 8th, have made a jump of the same size having languished in 16th spot around Christmas 2016.

Sports Infographic