In today’s society we have the tools to be connected anywhere at any time. The scene is repeated almost every day. People will stand in line with their cell phones to make a call to someone just a few feet away. We may believe we are connected with technology but in many ways we are becoming more disconnected socially. This prevents us from finding and telling those deep personal stories, or as Jim Jorstad, says “We don’t dive deep to find the emotional stories right in front of us.”

Jorstad, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, researches how people can use social media and digital storytelling to connect with people and the world. He has been quoted as “documenting history in real time.” Through his work, he has found ways to help us break through our societal disconnection by crafting inspirational and emotional digital stories and sharing them worldwide.

What is your story on the Internet? Start telling your story on Follr today.


Finding Folks with Similar Interests on Follr

by Michael Nolan on February 6, 2015

What’s a community without people forming bonds based on common interests? Here are a few quick steps to show you how to find people with your interests.

1: Log into your account:

Follr Login

2: Click “Connections” on the navigation bar.


3: Click “Finder,” and then enter a word or phrase in the search box, whether a hobby, enthusiasm, or professional interest. The tags related to the words you chose will display.


4: A list of the matching Follr members will display below. Click away! Make new connections, and while you’re at it, why not form a community and invite them to join?



Adding Documents or Files to Your Follr Profile Website

February 5, 2015

Tweet If you ever need to add a document to your profile, such as a PDF of your resume, a PowerPoint deck, or even a roster of your fantasy sports team, it’s quick and easy with Follr. Here is how it’s done. 1: Log into your account: 2: Click the down arrow next to your […]

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Real Estate Agent Phil Faranda Discusses What Is Needed to be a “Digital Agent”

February 4, 2015

Tweet T3 Experts was created to support, inform and empower real estate agents, teams and brokers to succeed at a higher level by providing “Expertise on Demand”. The organization takes the collective body of work of its founders – Stefan Swanepoel, Jack Miller and Michael McClure – and packages that half-century of research and hands-on […]

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A Modern Real Estate Agent’s Story – What is Yours?

February 3, 2015

Tweet We have released many, many new Follr features and it is time to look at some of them from a real estate perspective. A question first though. When people search for you online (and you know they do before they ever meet you) what do they find? Some other things to ponder. Assuming they […]

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There is a Very Important Reason Why You Should Add a Personal Domain Name to Your Profile Website

January 26, 2015

Tweet Quite simply, if you want to appear top of the search engines, this one method will significantly help and improve your search engine optimization(SEO). To see it yourself search for Follr CEO “Stephen Fells” and take a look at what is top of the organic search results. Here are the Google results: And the […]

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Follr Rewards Feature: Monetize Your Community Management Efforts

January 21, 2015

Tweet With a Follr Online Community, the ways to monetize are many. Sell event tickets, offer paid subscriptions to access exclusive content, and even earn money by inviting others to do the same. With Follr Rewards, monetizing your online community efforts is easy as A-B-C. You can also easily track your rewards right from your […]

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Social Wall – A Centralized and Visually Beautiful Way to Highlight Your Social Media

January 15, 2015

Tweet One of the most popular Follr features is the “Social Wall”: Social Wall automatically aggregates all of your social content and presents a beautiful visual mashup of your Facebook updates, tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, Pinterest pins and content from many other social Websites. You can also see the content full screen: To see […]

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