Our Digital Lives and a Question; When People Search For You Online, What Do They Find?

When you search online do you find what you want? I’m guessing the answer is ‘yes’ but the fact is you don’t. Let me share a little known secret that might change your answer; you get to see what Google and Facebook (and increasingly many other companies) think you want to find.

What does that mean? It means that if I search for your name online I see different information than you do, even if we do exactly the same search. Companies filter what you see and that can result in a very biased view of the world. That’s a scary consideration especially when it comes to how you are presented online.

If you haven’t already ‘googled‘ yourself you should. If you haven’t already setup a Google Alert on your name (and your company and your products and your competitors) you should. More importantly you need to create a hub that accurately represents your story, told the way you want it to be told.

In the following brief TED.com video Eli Pariser, author of “The Filter Bubble,” talks about how personalized search might be narrowing our worldview:

Follr Community Feature #6: Inviting New Members!

Follr-Behind-the-Scenes-290x300Season’s Greetings!  As the holidays are upon us this year, now is a great time to talk about your Follr page and then invite new members to become part of your growing community.

This week we’re going to take a look at how to effectively reach out to people in your circle of influence and send invites for them to join you on Follr.

Let’s get started!

First log in to www.follr.com, then click on the “Communities” link at the top.  (Make sure to create a Community page if you haven’t already done so!)

Next click the Pencil icon next to the Community you wish to update:

PencilThen on the left-hand side, click on “Members & Paid Levels” and then “Invite”:

Members - InviteNow you’re ready to begin inviting new community members!  On the next page you’ll see two parts you’ll be interested in.. sending invites via social media and email.

To invite via social media, click on any of the icons to produce a post on one of your linked social media accounts:

Social Media InvitesOr if you’d like to invite via email, click on “Invite Members” at bottom:

Email InvitesThis will take you to a page where you can manually enter the email addresses of people you’d like to invite, or you can choose to upload a file of email addresses by clicking on “Upload File”:

Enter EmailsUpload File** Please note that if you’re uploading a file it needs to be in a text or .csv format, with one email address per line.  And please, no Spam! :)

After you’ve entered or uploaded your file of addresses, click on “Send Invitations”:

Send InvitesThat’s it!  Now you can sit back, relax and watch your Follr community grow.

As always, have fun and we hope you enjoy your holiday season!  And Happy New Year from all of us here at Follr!


Follr Community Feature #5: Changing your Theme

Follr-Behind-the-Scenes-290x300Hello again!  This week on the Follr Blog we’re going to be taking a look at another exciting feature for your Community: Changing your Theme.

One great thing about Follr is that you can really make your Community page your own.. you can let your creative side out and design to your heart’s content!

Let’s take a look at how you can change the look and feel of your Community page.

First log in to www.follr.com and create a Community page if you haven’t already done so.
Then click on “Communities” at the top and then the Pencil icon or the “Administration” link next to the Community you wish to update:

CommunitiesAdministration-PencilGood work!  Next click on “Design & Layout” on the left-side navigation and under that click on “Theme”:

ThemeNext you can upload images to change the Banner, the Inner Banner and the Thumbnail image of your Community page:

Add ImagesNow for the really cool part!  Keep going on that page to change the Background Image and Background Color of your page:

BackgroundHere’s a close-up of the color wheel you can use to change the Background Color.  Use your mouse to click, hold and drag the small white circle around the outer color wheel to update the color square in the middle.  Then do the same with the small white circle in the color square to choose the color you want.  You’ll see the box at left update with your chosen color.

Background ColorThen when you’re ready, click “Save Changes” at bottom.  That’s it!  You can then go to your Community page and see your awesome new design.

Keep coming back to the Follr Blog each week for an exciting new Community Feature you can use to improve and grow your Follr Community!

Follr CEO Stephen Fells Discusses Leveraging Technology To Power Online Communities

Stephen Fells

Stephen Fells

In the following video, from the 2014 Flight to Freedom event held in San Diego, CA, Follr CEO Stephen Fells discusses how Follr technology is powering online communities and helping brands distribute content while protecting brand and generating revenue.

The event, for entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists “is designed to enhance collaboration between the vibrant entrepreneurial community in Bay Area and other groups around the world.”

Flight To Freedom Small

Information about this years Flight To Freedom event will be posted shortly. In the interim click here.

Follr Community Feature #4: Starting a Discussion

Follr-Behind-the-Scenes-290x300Hi all!  This week on the Follr Blog we’re going behind the scenes and looking at how to start Discussions with your Community.

Discussions are an important part of any organization. They have their own section on your Follr Community page, and when you post one, they can be automatically be shared with your connected social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Let’s set one up.  To start a Discussion with your Community, simply log in at www.follr.com, then click on “Communities”:
CommunitiesThen either click on “Administration” or the Pencil icon under “Actions”: (if you haven’t already created a Community in Follr, go ahead and make one! :) )

Administration-PencilThen click on “Add a Discussion” under “Discussions”:

Add a DiscussionNext add a “Name” for your Discussion and write a brief description so your Community knows what the topic is all about.  Then click “Save Changes“.

Create Discussion

That will get you started!  Go to your Community page and you can see it listed under the “Discussions” page:

Sample DiscussionNext if you want to add a post to your Discussion, just click on it and then type what you want to post where it says “Share your Update“.  Then click “Post” to finish up!  Make sure to connect your social media accounts if you want to auto-share to them.

Post UpdateHave a good time sharing in a Discussion with your Community!  Remember to keep it civil and most importantly.. have fun!

Check back next week when we’ll unveil another exciting feature in Follr here at the Follr Blog.

Follr Community Feature #3: Adding Events

Follr-Behind-the-Scenes-290x300This week on the Follr Blog we’re going behind the scenes to look at creating Events for your Community!

Events are a fun way for you and your people to gather either digitally or in-person to share time and ideas.

To add an Event for your Community, simply log in at www.follr.com, then click on “Communities”:
CommunitiesThen either click on “Administration” or the Pencil icon under “Actions”: (make sure to create a Community in Follr if you haven’t already done so! :) )

Administration-PencilThen click on “Add an Event” under “Events”:

Add an EventOn the next page you’ll be able to start adding details of your Event, such as Event Name, a Summary and whether the Event is at a Physical Location or Online Only:

Event Page - NameNow you’re ready to add a Start Time, End Time and a Description of your Event!  Then at the bottom you’ll see an important part.. Tickets. Click on whether you’d like either a Free Ticket, Paid Ticket or Donation.

Start - End - TicketsAt this point a box will open so you can put in the details of your Tickets. Choose a Name, Quantity and Price (if Paid).  You can add as many different types of Tickets as you’d like! (Just a quick note.. there is a small processing charge for Paid Tickets through Follr.)

Then click on “Save & Review Event”.

TicketsOn the following page, make sure the details of your Event are correct, then click “Save Changes”.

Display EventCongratulations!  Your Event has been created. Just one last step.. telling people about your Event!  Click on “Invite People” on the next page to invite via Social Media, Email or your growing Follr Community!

Promote EventInviteHave fun with your new Event!

Check back with us often here at the Follr Blog for many new exciting Community Features!

Follr Community Feature #2: Adding Content Blocks to your Community Page

Follr-Behind-the-Scenes-290x300This week on the Follr Blog we’ll again be going behind the scenes to look at some great Community Features!

Here’s a great one that you can use to improve your Community Home Page.. adding Custom Content Blocks.

To add Custom Content Blocks to your Community Home Page, simply log in at www.follr.com, then click on “Communities”:


If you haven’t already created your own Community, go ahead and do this!  After it’s created, either click on “Administration” or the Pencil icon under “Actions”:


Then click on “Custom Content” under “Design & Layout”:

Custom Content

On the next page you’ll be able to “Add a Content Block”:

Add Content Block

Now you’re ready to get started! Simply fill out the form on this page, starting with “Name”, then “Heading” (which is optional) and then you can input whatever text, pictures or links you wish under “Text”.

Name, Heading, Text

Then just decide where you want it to be on your Home Page (“Location”) and click “Save Changes”. That’s it!

Save Changes

Now you can go to your Community Home Page and voila!  Your Custom Content Block will appear.


You can add as many of these Content Blocks as you wish.. they are a great and easy way to share content with your Follr Community!

Stay tuned for more great Community Features to come.