To suggest users are deserting social networks, especially Facebook, en masse is an exaggeration but the numbers and trends indicate there is a change in how people are using and viewing social networks.

In a 2013 Princeton University study (see: “Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics“) disease based data models predicted that by 2017 Facebook would lose 80% of the users it had in 2013. Some cite ‘Facebook Fatigue’ others just think it is the natural progression of the medium.

Bubonic Plague Bacteria courtesy of The Guardian

The Princeton Study has been criticized (see: Facebook’s reply), but the model was also run against MySpace prior to its rapid decline.

It’s not about attrition of any particular social network but how users are viewing and using them. With the Edward Snowden hoopla and concerns over the NSA violating our privacy, people have become acutely aware of what they are doing online and how it impacts their personal digital identity and legacy. Conversation also includes the impact of online sharing on children.

People are moving towards private social communities, or networks. The demand for these sorts of communities has been growing rapidly over the last year, meanwhile previous incarnations of such platforms have weakened, perhaps peeking before the demand was truly there.

What does this mean for the future of social networking? We will delve into that more in upcoming posts. What would your perfect social network offer? Large communities surrounding more intimate communities? A personal niche within the ecosystem? What do you think is next for social networking? A Follr Community?


Follr Feature – Find Connections using Tags

by Maya Paveza on June 11, 2015

Part of the idea of helping make your social and professional networking experience simpler means making most processes easier for you via Follr.

Today we are focusing on the Follr Feature of finding new people to connect with and grow your professional network.

In previous posts we have hinted at the use of tags on Follr, today we will show you another advantage of tags when searching, or if you want to be found.

Your professional and personal tags help you portray your skills and interests, as well as helping others find and connect with you. The value of the network is in the quality of the connections.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Follr Tag Search Feature

In the above tag search, I am looking for real estate virtual assistants since a community member had asked me if we had any. I went to the “Connections” page and began to type in a tag.

The auto-completion feature trys to predict what you are typing so I don’t have to worry if I have not completed my entry, in fact it is sometimes better to stop and see what it suggests. Notice there are a few variations on “Virtual Assistant” displayed.

Check the Quick Look after Tag Search

In the next example I have found two community members who have used the tag “Virtual Administrative Support” – there may be more, but if they have not set up their tags I can’t find them. I then use the Quick Look feature to take a peek at the bio for the community member to determine if I want to click to their profile page and add the connection.

It’s as simple as that, as long as you are using tags… are you? Set yours up today via “My Profile” on the menu bar.

Want to learn more about a specific feature? Tell us and we might feature it in a future Follr Feature post.


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