Happy Labor Day!

by Laura Johnson on September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

HLD Follr


On behalf of the entire Follr Team, we wish you a wonderful holiday and hope you’ve been enjoying the festive and restive long weekend!

Once you’ve adjusted back to reality (upside – it’s a short week!), stay tuned in the coming days to the Follr blog as we’ve got some exciting things to share with you. We’ll be announcing more details on our partnership with Dark Prophet, as well as sharing some incredible tips for monetizing your Follr Community!

Happiest of Labor days to you, see you back here soon!

- The Follr Team


Don’t Make These Community Management Mistakes: Part 3

by Laura Johnson on August 29, 2014

Online Community Mistakes FollrFor our third and final installment of “Don’t Make These Community Management Mistakes,” we take a look at three more potential online community blunders. Read on to make sure you’re not making them, and if you are, to find out how to navigate out of them! Also, if you missed them – here are parts 1 & 2.

    1. You Don’t Know Who Your Audience Is

    This is a biggie when building any online community – be it a proper community platform, or a blog. Knowing your target audience is huge! Along the lines of part 1 mistake “You Don’t Have a Concrete Niche,” not knowing who you want your target audience to be is a surefire way to instantly crumble any traction you may have gained. Think about your topic and figure out which types of people would be interested. Visit other communities and blogs with similar focuses and see who’s posting and engaging there. This will give you a better idea of who you should tailor your community to.

    1. You Don’t Have a Clear Purpose

    Just like your topic can’t be vague, neither can your purpose. Do you want to inspire people to elevate daily life through your home design community? Or are you trying to help people eat healthier through your clean eating recipe blog? Have a specific purpose and make sure each and every post is helping your readers/users/members to achieve that purpose. Also make sure to include your purpose, or a mission statement, in an “About Me” tab or sidebar.

    1. You Don’t Give Enough Thought to Aesthetics

    It seems like a no brainer to make sure your community page or blog format looks clean and organized, but I cannot tell you how many pages I’ve come across that were poorly designed, not properly executed or just plain difficult to navigate. Make sure your landing pages are PRISTINE and that each and every post has the exact same format, font, colors, background, etc. etc.


Links We Love: Twitter Tips & Tricks

August 28, 2014

Tweet We all know that Twitter is a powerful selling tool, but have you really dug deep into what it can do for you? I see so many articles claiming “Twitter Hacks” and “How to Leverage Twitter” but are the insights really helpful? Well, we’ve read through dozens and dozens of posts, articles and the like […]

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Don’t Make these Community Management Mistakes: Part 2

August 27, 2014

Tweet As promised, more community management mistakes you don’t want to make, and how to effectively navigate out of them. Stay tuned for the third and final installment this Friday and check out Part 1 here. You’re Boring. Sorry to be blunt but… no one wants to be a part of a community when all […]

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Don’t Make these Community Management Mistakes: Part 1

August 26, 2014

Tweet As an online community manager, you’ve no doubt got a lot on your plate. Growing and maintaining an active following are tough tasks. And that’s exactly why the Follr blog is dedicated to providing our community managers with the best resources, tips and tricks when it comes to community management and building. Read through […]

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How to Monetize Your Online Community Platform [Video]

August 25, 2014

Tweet While researching for an upcoming post on how to monetize your online community, I found this short and sweet video from popular #mediapreneur David Siteman Garland. It’s less than eight minutes and has a lot of great information on how to monetize your platform. Take a look and check back soon for my monetization […]

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Links We Love: The End-All, Be-All List of Social Media Marketing Blogs You Need to be Following

August 21, 2014

Tweet 1. Socially Sorted – Donna Mortitz’, a social media maven from Australia, blog. We love her get-to-the-point sass and the blog’s gorgeous aesthetic. 2. We Are Social – A new kind of international advertising agency with big name clients like Heinz, Jaguar, Expedia and Moet & Chandon. 3. Likeable Media – This marketing agency […]

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What do Lady Gaga and Online Community Have in Common? [Video]

August 20, 2014

Tweet Lady Gaga and Online Communities…uhhhh what?! That’s what I said, until I watched this video. If you’re an online community manager, take five minutes to watch this short, entertaining talk from Aaron Tersteeg on what Lady Gaga – yes Gaga! – can teach us about community building.

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