Follr Community Feature #4: Activity Digest

by Laura Johnson on August 1, 2014

Follr Behind the ScenesFor this week’s 4th and final Follr Community Feature we’re highlighting Activity Digest Emails. With your custom Follr Community, you’re able to send a weekly engagement email to all members summarizing that week’s activity. The email will highlight the most popular content, discussions, interactions, etc. Should there be a slow week with no activity, no email will be sent to avoid annoying, empty emails. This is a great way for members to be reminded of what they’re missing each week and to increase engagement!

Follr Activity Digest


Social Media Blogs FollrHere at Follr, we love a good blog – especially one that consistently provides relevant and interesting content. As your online community platform, we’re always looking for ways to provide you with helpful resources for building your community, so we thought we’d offer a list of our favorite social media-focused blogs for this week’s #LinksWeLove. Check them out, then let us know about any great social media blogs we missed!

o’s Blog

o   Lithium’s Blog

o   Get Satisfaction

o   Social Media Today

o   Business2Community’s Social Page

o   Social Media Examiner

o   Kim Garst’s Social Boom

o   Moz’ SEO Blog

o   HootSuite’s Blog

o   Follr Blog, #obvi



Follr Community Feature #3: Advanced Personal Profile

July 30, 2014

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Follr Community Feature #2: Social Feed

July 29, 2014

Tweet For our second installment of #BehindTheScenes, we’re taking a look at Follr’s Social Feed. Anytime you login or type “” into your browser’s search field, your Social Feed will pop up right on your Follr dashboard. Follr’s Social Feed allows you to combine all of your social network, blog and community content – up […]

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Follr Community Feature #1: Advanced Messaging

July 28, 2014

Tweet This week on the Follr Blog we’ll be sharing a behind the scenes look at some of our latest Community Features! Up first: Advanced Messaging. We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure we lay claim to the most diverse and useful messaging capability of any online community platform out there today. As a […]

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Companies with the most Successful Online Communities have These 4 Things in Common

July 25, 2014

Tweet Creating a thriving online community of customers is no easy feat, yet companies succeed at doing it every day. Sure they probably have teams of social media experts and customer care professionals, but at the heart of it, it really comes down to having these four things on lock. Read on to see if […]

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Links We Love: Your Guide to Social Syndication

July 24, 2014

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8 Options for Dealing with Online Community Troublemakers

July 23, 2014

Tweet With any online community there comes a fair share of trolls and troublemakers. They’re negative, elusive and downright aggravating! …There you are, minding your own business, building a great online community when and all of the sudden you’re hit with the community member equivalent of a grenade. If left unchecked, online troublemakers can foil […]

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