The Digital Beyond: An Introduction

by Maya S. Paveza on March 25, 2014

Our content partners, The Digital Beyond, shared this video which explains in simple terms what the “Digital Beyond” means to many.

What considerations are your giving to the digital footprint you leave?


The Digital Natives are coming of age, but who is watching out for them?

Educational initiatives on the impact of online interactions over the lifespan of an individual are lagging behind the reality of the effects, for good reason. There is not enough data available to prove that the “red cup” photo at 21 may impact your job interview at 35.

Is your choice their choice? Impacting your childs digital identity

A 2012 Pew Internet study showed that Parents are online more often than non-Parents. This statistics would indicate that Parents are aware and concerned, but what are they doing online?

Many are actually “Oversharenting” by revealing details of the child’s life without the forethought to the potential long term implications of the sharing. This instinctive act of sharing is shaping and forming a portion of the child’s digital identity, impacting their digital footprint. The danger of this is great, the outcome is mostly unknown at this point.

As the “children” flock away from large social networks onto smaller ones, with “disappearing ink” profiles, they feel that their privacy and safety is protected. Parents may actually be driving the children away from the platforms that permit easy monitoring for platforms which could greatly open the door to currently unknown risks or repercussions.

The question for parents of Digital Natives is at what point do you let go of your child’s digital identity and allow them the right to stumble and fail on their own? Just like in “analog life” a Parent can advise, suggest and help a child only so, then the child must to discover the lessons of life on their own. That Parental epiphany of “Wow, my Parents were right” will eventually be shared between yourself and your child.

The same life-lessons hold true in the online communities of today, and those of the future. Digital life has become just another aspect of life, not a second identity but a part of the whole identity. Growing, learning, stumbling and failing are an essential part of the process of evolution.

So the question that has to be asked: just how much of your child’s life are you sharing?


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